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Olivier Van Duüren

Olivier Van Duüren

Trend sensemaker, executive whisperer, sparkle builder, and author
Country: Belgium

Our keynote speaker Olivier Van Duüren is a thought leader on personal and business transformation, whose talks help business leaders to regain their sense of spark, and to prepare for times ahead.

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Olivier Van Duüren worked for 22 years in the senior international executive ranks at Microsoft where he held positions in sales, operations, marketing, business development, innovation, and strategy across consumer, online, retail, advertising, publishing and enterprise. This has given him a far reaching perspective on the intersection of innovation, transformation and human behavior.

So, in September 2016, Olivier Van Duüren went on to launch The Dualarity: a business and a book, on how to take the pain out of your personal and business transformation, leaving you with a regained sense of spark. The book helps you, your organization, and your customers begin to prepare for the times ahead. The end goal: a world where humanity and technology harmonize and synthesize a new way of being and doing.

Van Duüren is a thought leader on personal and business transformation, innovation, and the impact of the changes around us on our society and industry. He is a member of the UK based global Speakersassociation and Key Persons of Influence (KPI). He has done talks for global and local organisations from start-ups, medium to large organisations like Deloitte, The European Digital Transformation Conference Board, Bundl, Ministry of Finance Board, AIESEC, Microsoft, Vlerick, Dassault Systems, Global PSA, ERA, ArtexisEasyfairs, Indaver, VBA, Telenet, VRT, CIOnet, CioForum, KPI UK, Interel, UBA, Bloovi, DES2017 Madrid and Brewery of Ideas.

    Speaker Olivier Van Duüren Keynote Topics

    • The Dualarity (the full story). Find the Sparkle in your Personal and Business Transformation
    • The Age of Transformation – The Supply & Demand Trends (Consumer Digital, Demographics, Socio-Economic) and Impact on our Society, Industry & the Future of work
    • The Future of Work – How does the future of work look like? What type of jobs will be hot or not? How to be future-proof? What future skills do we need? Education and learnability? Welcome to 2035
    • Building Sparkling Future-Proof organizations – what does it mean for your business
    • Transformational Leadership and Cultural Attributes – How to Perform while you Transform
    • To succeed in Digital Transformation, you need to put the Customer at the Heart, People as the Soul and Digital as the Oxygen aligned to your company’s Purpose (why) and Aspiration (what). What can we learn from Lego, Coldplay, Nespresso, Microsoft, Tesla, Spotify, Canada, General Electric, Walmart and Schibsted?
    • Selling & Telling Your Story – Shoot for the Heart, Capture the Mind and End with a Smile
    • The Microsoft Story – my journey and learning of 22 years @ the company
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