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Jo Caudron

travels from Belgium

Entrepreneur, author, strategist in digital innovation and founding partner of Dear Media, a consulting company

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Our keynote speaker Jo Caudron considers himself an entrepreneur: someone who sees change and opportunities before the rest of the market does, and then creates business around it. His areas of expertise includes media, e-business, mobile internet and social media.

Reasons to book Jo Caudron

  • He started his first business when he was in his early twenties, over the last 15 years, he has been involved in a dozen of start-up companies, all in interactive media and digital innovation.
  • Jo is a visionary and strategist in digital innovation, author and inspiring speaker.
  • In the last decade Jo (co-)wrote five books on different transformational topics, from dealing with social media, the future of the media industry, digital transformation and now his latest book The World Is Round, about the transformation of society and how to plan for that.

Jo started his digital career somewhere in 1994. It was all a bit by accident that he discovered the internet and together with his brother and two friends, he created the first digital agency in Belgium. Now we are 25 years later and he can look back on a rich history of digital activities. Of some he’s still very proud. Others were endeavours to forget quickly. Yet all of these entrepreneurial moves made him what he is today: privileged to be in this business for over two decades, getting to know so many interesting people.

He is passionated about change and how digital is impacting everything around us. For over a decade his company Scopernia has been helping all kinds of organisations, from Denmark to Dubai with the big question: how is digital changing our very essence?

For companies this basically means understanding how business models will change. Recently Jo started thinking about how digital is impacting society as a whole. This was the driver to start writing his latest book, The World Is Round.Because of the Corona crisis, many of his ideas have become an accelerated part of our daily lives. Whereas his book gave us ample time to think about this distant future, the Corona Crisis is already forcing us to learn to deal with tomorrow’s world.

One of Jo’s real passions is to talk to people, bringing the message of change and optimism across. He has been on hundreds of stages, in about every European country and beyond.

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Keynote by speaker Jo Caudron

Impact Transformation – The search for the New Equilibrium

In his new 2022 keynote, Jo explains why Digital Transformation is dead and why we should all embrace the concept of Impact Transformation. He talks about how technological and societal disruptions are leading to essential business transformation with as final objective to have both a positive financial and societal impact.

We are living in a decade of major disruptions and system shocks: digital challengers, societal shifts, pandemics, climate disasters and war in Europe, are all pushing us into an accelerated transition on different levels of society and economy. The journey towards a “New Equilibrium” has begun. Although the path may be rough and paved with obstacles, the outcome can be brighter, better, healthier and more prosperous than before. Jo’s vision of this New Equilibrium will allow you to create optimistic scenarios and strategies for the future. Be ready to get inspired, shocked and scared but also to become enthusiastic about the possibilities of tomorrow.

Speaker Jo Caudron Keynote Topics

Jo speaks passionate on various of topics such as:

  • Media innovation
  • Fixing the media
  • Connected Radio & TV
  • Cross media strategies
  • Integration of social media
  • The power of mobile & tablets
Jo Caudron - video

Digital Transformation Masterclass by speaker Jo Caudron

Watch speaker Jo Caudron in action

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Keynote topics with Jo Caudron