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Jason Bevan

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Jason Bevan has over 18 years of experience marketing iconic films for Warner Bros. and Disney. With his engaging and high-energy talks, he provides practical tools and strategies that can be applied to any industry.

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Jason is a renowned keynote speaker and ideation expert with over 18 years of experience in the movie industry. He has worked with some of the biggest film studios in the world, including Warner Bros. and Disney, marketing iconic films like Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, and Joker. Jason's talks and masterclasses are known for their engaging, high-energy delivery and practical tips for harnessing creativity and innovation.

Why you should book Jason Bevan for your next event

  • Insider knowledge and expertise: With 18 years of experience in the movie industry, working with some of the biggest film studios in the world, Jason has a wealth of insider knowledge and expertise to share. He can provide unique insights into the creative process behind some of the most iconic films of our time, as well as practical tips and tools for harnessing creativity in any industry.
  • Engaging and energetic delivery: Jason’s keynote talks and masterclasses are known for their high energy and engaging delivery. Using movie footage, insider secrets, and real-world examples, he creates a fun and uplifting experience that inspires audiences to think creatively and push their boundaries.
  • Customizable content: Whether you’re looking for a general keynote on creativity and innovation or a more specific masterclass on ideation, Jason can customize his content to meet your needs. He can work with you to develop a tailored program that addresses the specific challenges and opportunities facing your organization, providing practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied to your work.

Ever wondered where all those amazing big movie ideas come from? Jason reveals how the best known film-makers and studios he worked with come up with their iconic film ideas and how we can all use their simple, powerful techniques to rocketfuel our own innovation and creativity. Jason was responsible for the creative development process at Warner Bros. Studios, marketing legendary movies in EMEA from the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Films the Lego movies, Joker, Aquaman, and Batman/The Dark Knight, right through to Oscar winners, legendary comedies like the Hangover films and iconic horror films. 

Jason’s Innervation keynote talks are packed with insider secrets, movie footage and inspiration from 18 years working in the movie world and show why creativity has become one of our most valuable business skills. Jason demystifies the psychology of how we generate ideas with simple logic and gives clear, easy to follow steps and tools that show how we can tap into the creativity we already have, but often don’t use…including people that don’t think they are innovative! It’s a chance to transform your thinking, identify what triggers your own ideas and embed a culture of creativity into your organisation, with a fun, uplifting and highly energetic, movie-led experience. Clear, practical tips are provided that anyone can take away and immediately apply to their line of work. 

Jason’s ideation masterclasses focus on a specific brief; helping you push your creativity exponentially; removing barriers to traditional thinking with highly effective, straightforward tools & working sessions to develop new ideas.

Jason worked with teams in 37 countries at Warner Bros. and was known for his passion for pushing creative boundaries on campaigns across all movie genres. Jason also worked for Disney in London and Paris and continues to work with top film and entertainment studios, as co-founder of Content Creator Studios.

In addition to speaking on the TED circuit and as an expert speaker for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Jason has been on the judging panel for various highly regarded awards in the creative industry and conducts talks and masterclasses for major global brands, companies, governments, NGOs and renown trade and industry events/organisations worldwide. Jason is English-French bilingual.

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Keynote topics


  • Brain warmers: fun sessions to stretch your thinking and get the positivity, team collaboration and creativity going in the room, with enjoyable, brain-stretching creative challenges. 
  • How to clarify and hone a creative brief to transform it into a true ideas launchpad. Directing your thinking at the area of real business need, with realistic objectives, firmly grounded in strategic and data insight. 
  • Idea blockers: establishing what obstacles innovation and creativity may be facing in your organisation and specific next steps to overcome them.
  • Rule breaking: Identifying the rules that your organisation and sector/industry may have traditionally respected can be broken going forward with new ideas. How to learn from competitors and disruptors. Specific tools for managing an aversion to creative risk. 
  • Building and stretching: How to develop, strengthen and extend more conventional ideas into concepts that can legitimately change performance and achieve significant competitive advantage.
  • Evaluating your ideas, identifying the highest potential concepts and honing them down into workable action points with clear deliverables and assigned champions to push them forward. 
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See keynotes with Jason Bevan
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