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Actor inspires audiences to higher performance levels

Graham Cole

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Sharing anecdotes from his professional acting career, Graham Cole inspires audiences to find a purpose greater than themselves. As one of the country's most recognizable people, he lends his time and resources to charitable causes.

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He knew he wanted to be an actor as a child when Graham Cole paid sixpence to watch movies at the cinema on Saturday morning. For 47 years, he’s lived his dream, working with some of the greatest actors in the world. As one of the most recognized men in British television and theater, he has received awards for his acting prowess. He's also passionate about supporting charities and spends time and resources on Leukemia research and other charitable causes. He also serves as the Childline ambassador.

Why you should book Graham Cole for your next event

  • Audiences are enchanted by Cole’s personable demeanour and inspiring speech. He encourages each audience member to follow his dream and contribute to the community.
  • Offering insight into his storybook acting career, Cole entertains the audience with enthralling stories. Featured in top television and theatre productions, Cole’s entertainment experience prepares him to provide an interesting and interactive keynote address.
  • Cole is committed to charitable causes and provides actionable steps for listeners to commit to making the world a better place. His popular biography, On the Beat, reflects these life experiences.

In conjunction with Celebrity PR Limited, London we present an actor who’s most popular for his role on The Bill, where he performed his own stunts, Graham Cole has entertained audiences for more than 47 years. With expansive popularity in Australia and the UK, he’s hosted the London DDF Ball and Awards for Police bravery.

Recognized for his ‘Dr. Who’ role he has often served as the guest speaker during Dr. Who events and conventions. More than 15 years ago, Cole was the presenter for one of the first reality television shows based on police chases on television, called ‘Police Stop.’ Still broadcast on Sky TV, the programs have helped to enhance the actor’s public image.

Known for supporting multiple charities, he advocates for civic involvement and encourages the public to donate to support worthy causes. He spends time and resources on Leukemia research, serves as the Childline ambassador, and acts as president of a charity supporting blue light services participants. Graham was humbled after obtaining an OBE from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for his prolific charity work.

As a popular speaker for events and dinners, he entertains audiences with stories from his life in a one-man show. Featured in stage, television, and cinema productions, Graham’s career has entertained audiences for decades and given him opportunities to work alongside some of the most recognized performers across the globe.


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ITV1’s The Bill (25 years) for what he is most well known for and his endless work with charities and the British Police


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Fair cop? The Bill comes to an end - BBC News

See keynotes with Graham Cole
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