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Rugby's Finest: Inspiring Greatness

Jonny Wilkinson

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Jonny Wilkinson, CBE, a true rugby icon, brings his winning spirit to your event. Learn from a World Rugby Hall of Fame inductee how to excel in leadership and performance.

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Empower Your Team with Jonny Wilkinson: A Journey from Rugby Greatness to Business Excellence. With an illustrious career in rugby, including a historic World Cup victory and induction into the World Rugby Hall of Fame, Jonny Wilkinson has seamlessly transitioned to become a renowned business influencer. His story of resilience, leadership, and unrelenting pursuit of success is a valuable asset for your organization. Book now for a game-changing keynote!

Why you should book Jonny Wilkinson for your next event

  • Benefit from the wisdom of a rugby icon. Jonny Wilkinson’s historic 2003 World Cup-winning drop goal is a symbol of his excellence and a testament to his journey from sports stardom to business success.
  • His exemplary services to the game of rugby have been recognized by the Queen, Her Majesty initially appointing Wilkinson as an MBE, latterly upgraded to OBE and subsequently, CBE.
  • He has published five books, detailing an abundance of experiences garnered throughout a substantial sporting career.

Jonny Wilkinson is known for his tenacity as a fly-half, for his iconic drop goal that secured England’s historic 2003 World Cup Final victory over Australia. The same determination, leadership, and relentless pursuit of excellence that made him a rugby legend are now at your service. When you book Jonny Wilkinson for your event, you’re inviting a true champion into your organization’s arena.

Jonny’s keynote speeches are not merely inspirational; they are a playbook for success. He brings his firsthand experience of facing insurmountable odds and emerging triumphant. His insights into leadership, teamwork, and performance enhancements are invaluable in the corporate world.

Jonny Wilkinson has honed his skills not only on the rugby field but also in the business world. He’s a published author, an ITV Sport pundit, and an entrepreneur with his health drinks brand, No1Living. His ability to transform pressure and adversity into triumph is a testament to his resilience and adaptability, skills essential for thriving in the ever-changing business landscape.

Furthermore, Jonny’s philanthropic endeavors through his ‘NSPiRED’ Foundation highlight his commitment to fostering self-worth, inclusivity, and transformation, values that resonate with every successful organization.

In the game of business, where victory hinges on strategy, teamwork, and leadership, Jonny Wilkinson is the ideal coach. His motivational talks are the key to unlocking your team’s full potential, fostering resilience, and guiding your organization toward a triumphant future. Book Jonny Wilkinson as your keynote speaker and let his expertise drive your organization to victory.

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Keynote by Jonny Wilkinson

Developing a Growth Mindset to Achieve Your Potential

Professional rugby player Jonny Wilkinson has played at the top of his game and is deeply familiar with what it means to perform under pressure. By facing his stress and anxiety and dealing with it directly, Jonny has been able to develop a growth mindset that has changed his life. In this talk, he shares lessons and practical strategies that leave audiences feeling inspired to achieve their full potential in work and in life.

Keynote by Jonny Wilkinson

Health & Wellbeing: Overcoming Stress, Anxiety & Releasing Trauma

Rugby star Jonny Wilkinson is an enthusiastic advocate for mental health and wellbeing. Despite being internationally recognized in his sport, he realized he needed to do some mental and emotional healing to truly live and perform at his best. In this compelling talk, Jonny shares his personal experience overcoming and releasing trauma, and learning to change his relationship to stress, fear, and anxiety, and step into a more fulfilling life.

Keynote by Jonny Wilkinson

Building Strong Relationships by Living in the Now

Professional athlete, entrepreneur, and podcaster Jonny Wilkinson is known as one of the best rugby players of all time, as well as an inspirational advocate for personal growth. In this memorable talk, he shares his life philosophy for living in the now – by understanding the past and bringing respect, love, and compassion into all relationships.

Keynote by Jonny Wilkinson

Leading with Authenticity

Rugby star and entrepreneur Jonny Wilkinson delivers motivational takeaways about leadership in this talk – emphasizing living authentically, manifesting dreams, and using the law of attraction to achieve personal and professional goals.

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Jonny Wilkinson - Full Extended Episode | High Performance Podcast

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