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Danny Bent

Adventurer & Happiness Guru: inspiring people to do more, give more and live more
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Danny Bent is all about inspiring people to do more, give more and live more. He is an award winning author, journalist and Blogger. Danny was voted by the City of London to be one of the 50 most inspirational people and London and one of the 100 Happiest in the UK by the Independent on Sunday.

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Keynote speaker Danny Bent is a truly inspirational person, his list of achievements is hard to match. Cycling 9000 miles from London to India, Raising $550,000 for the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing by organising a coast to coast relay across the United States and setting up one of the most exciting free fitness movements in the UK, Project Awesome. Encouraging people of all shapes and sizes to be active and be happy while doing it!

Danny rose to the public eye in the UK after coming second in the BBC show Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week, where Britain’s toughest and fittest recruits were tested day after day by multiple special forces from across the world, their main purpose being to break the recruits. Danny’s fun and light-hearted personality and character brought him through to the final of the show.

Following his adventures, speaker Danny Bent has written the books ‘You’ve Gone Too Far This Time Sir’ and ‘Not All Superheroes Wear Capes’ sharing his incredible stories and experiences. In ‘You’ve Gone Too Far This Time Sir’ Danny goes into detail of his epic 9000 mile ride from London to India, how he was held at gunpoint, waking up with maggots in his beard and being chased by wild dogs. In ‘Not All Superheroes Wear Capes’ Danny outlines the story behind One Run For Boston, the coast to coast 3,328 mile relay across the United States, coming together to help those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

Danny has given keynote speeches all over the world, working with HSBC, Nike, the Royal Geographic Society, National Geographic and Google and YouTube.

    Keynotes from speaker Danny Bent 


    • Danny has lived the equivalent of 40 lives so far in his first 40 years. He also has tales of enough near misses to worry a cat. Listen to his stories as he takes you on a rollercoaster ride through his life and into the lives of those who join his quest to brighten the lives of humanity.

    Keynotes from speaker Danny Bent


    • Not your usual leadership talk. Danny is a serial community builder (tribes he calls them). His strength is his leadership style. Learn why thousands of people follow Danny’s tune. His methods create a dynamic that make these people follow him wherever he is going, all over the world. When you’ve finished laughing you’ll reflect back and see the lessons entrenched in this talk.

    Keynotes from speaker Danny Bent


    • Listen to Danny’s unique and unconventional keynotes full of stories and anecdotes on how you can bring happiness and positivity to your life.  His keynotes on happiness are based on the following five headlines: Face your fears, Find the chink of positivity, Help people, Be in the now & Find your tribe.

    Keynotes from speaker Danny Bent

    Play Workshop / Team Building

    • This workshop is about improving your mental health and your well being whilst making you more confident to stand up and be comfortable in your own skin. This play workshop is all about breaking down the barriers we put up to protect us which are also the very things that hold us back from being the greatest possible version of ourselves. This workshop helps: Relieving stress. Improving brain function. Stimulating you mind and imagination. Improving your connection to others and finding the creativity that lies within all of us.
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