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Robert Safian

travels from USA

Editor and Managing Director of The Flux Group and writer predicting the future and advising companies on innovation

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In the world of business, speaker Robert Safian has a reputation for near-clairvoyant prediction. Notably, he was the first editor to put Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg on a magazine cover, and he covered Airbnb, Netflix and Uber long before they were household names.

Whether assessing a startup in Detroit, the tech scene in Palo Alto or an iconoclast in Shanghai, speaker Robert Safian is constantly translating what is next and new to the mainstream.

Safian’s insights into breakthrough businesses come from his decades of experience at the forefront of the business world.For over a decade he led the influential, award-winning business magazine Fast Company. In addition, he has interviewed CEOs of top companies including Starbucks, Nike, Target, Ford, Pepsico, Pixar, and Walmart.com.

Millions of talented professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders around the world have been empowered and inspired by Robert Safian. In his engaging talks, he presents stories of the people behind innovative business thinking, illustrating how meaningful change is possible.

In addition to Safian’s vast experience and deft storytelling skills, he is also a warm and approachable character. He is an expert at working with event organizers to personalize his presentations for each audience. Book speaker Robert Safian for a talk which will impact your business, resonating with attendees long after your event is over.

See keynotes with Robert Safian

    Keynote by Speaker Robert Safian

    How To Succeed In The Age of Flux: Leadership That Matters

    • Modern business is pure chaos. To thrive in an environment of constant change requires a whole new approach.
    • In this talk, based on his own research, speaker Robert Safian delves deep inside business cultures from Nike to Starbucks, Airbnb to Warby Parker.
    • Safian shares examples of Flux Leaders at all levels who are adapting to these times by reinventing business, connecting the diverse perspectives of big-brand CEOs, upstart entrepreneurs, and the creative thinkers who power today’s innovation economy.
    • He offers a narrative that is incredibly illuminating and entertaining, one that business audiences have fallen in love with again and again…

    Keynote by Speaker Robert Safian

    Lessons of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

    • What makes breakthrough businesses stand apart in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace?
    • Speaker Robert Safian shares his first-hand experiences with the likes of Apple, Starbucks, and Under Armour, offering insights on today’s most innovative companies.
    • In this inspiring talk, he examines the inner workings of today’s most innovative companies—including breakthrough startups like Snapchat, Spotify, and more.
    • He shows how companies can thrive, even in tough times, by embracing the power of innovative ideas and creative execution.

    Keynote by Speaker Robert Safian

    How Breakthrough Leaders Thrive Amid Chaos

    • Amazing leaders can turn the threat of change into a vast pool of opportunities.
    • Speaker Robert Safian shares the inside stories of these amazing leaders.
    • Both inspiring and educating, Safian zeros in on the power of purpose and mission, explaining how and why a redefinition of leadership is sweeping through the world’s top organizations.
    • In the process, Safian reveals the tools and mindset necessary to become a breakthrough leader.

    Keynote by Speaker Robert Safian

    Is Your Enterprise “Fluxing” Toward The Future?

    • With the rising pace of competition and ever-changing consumer demands, it has become extraordinarily difficult for business leaders to build and maintain long-term plans.
    • Business futurist and certified speaker Robert Safian, who built a reputation for near-clairvoyant prediction as the longtime editor of the award-winning innovative business magazine Fast Company, provides a disciplined framework for managing in a world of constant flux.
    • He provides distinct guidelines for assessing new information and developments and illuminates how to incorporate elements of agility and adaptation to help fuel future success.
    • Audiences walk away from Safian’s presentation with the perspective necessary to implement a “flux” approach to their lives and their business.
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