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Fredrik Härén

The Global Conference Speaker - for your next global conference
Country: Singapore

Speaker Fredrik Härén is one of the top global speakers in the world. By having lectured in over 60 countries in 6 continents, he knows how to craft a presentation equally funny and inspirational regardless of one’s nationality. Previously, Fredrik was a keynote speaker at the world’s largest leadership conference speaking to more than 10.000 attendees live and more than 400.000 people online.

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To survive globally in the ever-changing business world, it is essential to attain a global mindset. Such a mindset is characterised by being open and curious about the best ideas regardless of the origin of the thought. For over twenty years, speaker Fredrik Härén has inspired companies with his unusually effective style to embrace the global mindset.

As a speaker, Fredrik delivers highly inspirational presentations combining humour and interactivity which provides a solid framework to his message. He supplies the audience with relevant content crafted for each and everyone in a global environment. For instance, an American, a German, and a Chinese all will be entertained and inspired the same time, leaving Fredrik’s presentation with valuable take-aways. Fredrik Härén is the right speaker to teach the audience how to become better at adopting new, better ideas to think bigger and make the world a better place.

Speaker Fredrik Härén is the true Global Conference Speaker. As a Swede currently residing in Singapore, he knows about the drive and the creative spirit existing in businesses all over the world. Fredrik has delivered more than 2000 presentations already over 60 countries on 6 continents: he worked together with top companies such as BMW, IKEA and VISA. Moreover, he was a keynote speaker at the world’s biggest conference on leadership hosted by GLS – speaking to more than 10.000 in the audience and reaching more than 400.000 online.

Watch Fredrik Härén in action

    Keynote by Speaker Fredrik Härén

    Business Creativity

    • During his keynote, speaker Fredrik Härén will show the importance of creativity and how to improve and become more creative. This presentation is popular both in creative industries and in industries that are thriving to be more creative.

    Keynote by Speaker Fredrik Härén

    Disruption & Change

    • For every organisation it is crucial to note, understand and react to changes happening in the business or the environment. The keynote is recommended for businesses in rapidly changing industries or for industries subject to big changes in the near future.

    Keynote by Speaker Fredrik Härén

    Global & Human Mindset

    • What does it mean to be a truly global company? Fredrik is thrilled to unveil the answer by showing the audience how to develop a more global mindset. As a result, the organisation will thrive in the global environment. This topic is popular with multinational companies in all industries.
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