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From nothing to everything, and everything in between

Sabin Lomac

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Entrepreneur, author, co-founder of Cousins Maine Lobster, and Food Network Host on successful entrepreneurship

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Successful entrepreneur and author, Sabin Lomac and his cousin, Jim Tselikis, turned their food-truck business, Cousins Maine Lobster,  into one of the most successful family run franchises known today.  Speaker Sabin Lomac shares his rough personal experiences that have lead him to excelling at company growth and branding.

Why you should book Speaker Sabin Lomac:

  • He is dedicated. Sabin being an entrepreneur himself, he understands each step of the journey. He took all the necessary steps to make himself a successful entrepreneur.  Sabin shows you the process of growth and advancement for your own business needs for the next step of success.
  • He is transparent.  He has overcome trials and tribulations, Sabin vividly shares his stories on how he advanced, and didn’t succumb to his past.  He excelled alongside his cousin Jim, in becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  • He is inspirational.  Not only does speaker Sabin share the story of his success, he also encourages the act of giving back, spending family time, and maintaining a positive, motivating attitude for all life activities.  He demonstrates the act of staying humbled and finding your grounding when life gets challenging.

Speaker Sabin Lomac and his cousin Jim Tselikis founded Cousins Maine Lobster in 2011. Initially Cousins Maine Lobster started as a small food-truck, aiming to bring authentic Maine lobster to the West Coast. This idea quickly excelled into 31 trucks and 11 stores and counting!  This food truck and restaurant franchise specializes in bringing wild-caught, sustainably harvested lobster from their hometown, Maine, to different neighborhoods across the country and overseas.  Getting their big break on highly rated entrepreneur television show Shark Tank, Cousins Maine Lobster is one of the most successful family run franchises.  They have been featured over 8 times on the show, each highlighting another update.

The cousins’ first book was published in 2017 titled Cousins Maine Lobster: How One Food Truck Became a Multimillion Dollar Business.  They also started a non-profit called Cousins for a Cause that partners with Los Angeles chapter of Big Brothers and Sisters of America.  Sabin is the National Big Brother of the Year after having served as Regional Big Brother of the year.

Speaker Sabin Lomac has searched for the most unique foods along America’s coasts, as the host of Seaside Snacks and Shacks on the Food network, he has also been featured on the Cooking channel. Look out for him as he has recently completed another pilot for both networks.

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Keynote by Speaker Sabin Lomac

From Nothing to everything and everything in between

From a single-parent, low-income household, jail, to becoming one of the most recognizable entrepreneurs with cousin Jim, in Shark Tank history, Lomac has seen it all. Though he experienced a great deal of tribulations, today  Sabin oversees his company that has grossed over $50 million dollars in sales.

  • Sabin takes the audience members on the journey of his life right up to the moment he realized that he was going to reach his biggest dreams and shares how you, too could accomplish your dreams!
  • Sabin motivates audiences to think big, to outwork everyone else and defying all odds.
  • If I could do it, so can you! Everything and anything is possible.
Keynote by Speaker Sabin Lomac

Shark Tank, Food Network and Beyond!

Sabin and Jim appeared on Shark Tank without applying, initially turned down the opportunity to appear on the show (twice) and absolutely refused to go on the show without guarantee that Barbara Corcoran would be on stage!  Sabin has become one of the fastest rising faces on the Food Network without completing one audition or outbound submission.

  • Sabin outlines many of the steps he took which put him in his fortunate position as well as tough decisions he had to make that helped him maintain his goals and ethics.
  • Sometimes saying no and following your gut is the best decision you could make.
  • Don’t devalue yourself and don’t go against what your heart is telling you.
Keynote from Speaker Sabin Lomac

Entrepreneurship: The Hardest You Will Ever Work

Some of the most scary and daunting times you will ever face will be in your entrepreneurial ventures.  When you start your own business you will soon find that there is nothing more difficult it is emotionally and physically draining. While there is a ultimately an upside, the risk may still intimidating.

  • Sabin exposes the truth on starting your own business.  This too includes the conversation on loneliness, risk, exposure and sleepless nights.
  • Sabin talks about working tirelessly during your entrepreneurial journey, the hardest thing you will ever take on, BUT it all being worth it!
Keynote by Speaker Sabin Lomac

#FamilyFirst, #FamilyOnly

Money, success, wealth, none of it matters.  The true richness in life comes from the ability to surround yourself with the loved ones who truly care for you.  Sabin feels that time is the most valuable thing in life, it is the only thing you cant purchase.

  • Money is meaningless if you don’t have love.  Put your #FamilyFirst and make sure the precious time you have is spent with #FamilyOnly.

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See keynotes with Sabin Lomac
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