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Authentic Storytelling

Jim Tselikis

travels from USA

Entrepreneur, co-Founder of Cousins Maine Lobster and author sharing know-how on starting a profitable business

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Speaker Jim Tselikis has undergone multiple life changes and taken great risks to create his multi-million dollar business. He shares his journey and how he remained focused, to maintain success through the process. Jim teaches audiences the steps he took to become a successful entrepreneur.

Why you should book Speaker Jim Tselikis:

  • He is devoted.  Tselikis shared the dream to bring Maine to California via delicious and fresh lobster rolls with his cousin.  When the opportunity presented itself for growth, he jumped without fear.  Tselikis will share the process of scaling to success with your audience.
  • He is a visionary. During Jim and his cousin’s idea for expansion they turned down some opportunities because they did not align with their vision.  They have a vision and they’re sticking to it! You don’t become rich overnight. Jim can help your audience set their personal and professional goals.
  • He is prepared.  With the fast and ever-growing rate of their business, speaker Jim is always ready to make the necessary changes for his business, family and most importantly, himself.  Jim demonstrates how to staying focused and prioritizing worked for him in his business.

Speaker Jim Tselikis was born and raised in Maine. After graduating college in 2008, where he played division 1 Hockey, Jim moved to Boston, MA where he indulged in the best of foods. Jim worked as a medical device representative, in which he got a taste for autonomy and developed the desire and drive to run and operate his own business.

In 2011, Jim and his cousin Sabin hatched the idea of Cousins Maine Lobster, in which they would bring their native Maine lobster fresh from Maine, and make it accessible in Los Angeles, CA, via a food truck. This idea, in 2011, was meant to be a passion project when it launched in 2012. However, with insane lines and unexpected demand, Jim and his cousin Sabin created something that had serious legs. He quit his job in 2012, moved across the country, leaving everything he knew, his family, friends, and secure paycheck, to operate one food truck. Today, Cousins Maine Lobster has 31 trucks, 10 restaurants and 3 units in Taiwan, and has done over 50 million dollars in sales.

Jim also co-authored the book Cousins Maine Lobster: How One Food Truck Became a Multimillion Dollar Business, with his cousin Sabin Lomac.

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Keynote by Speaker Jim Tselikis

Clawing Your Way to the Top

This speech follows Jim’s entrepreneurship journey from a small town in Maine with very large dreams of creating his own business to his now success. How $20,000 and one food truck turned into 21 food trucks, and 10+ restaurants internationally and over 50 million in sales!

  • Dreams do come true!
  • Learn to crawl and grind your way to the top of your industry with passion, while making your dreams a reality.
  • Relying on your heart, drive, strategy and hustle to attain anything you desire.
Keynote by Speaker Jim Tselikis

You don't become rich overnight

The common misconception of success is that it is accomplished overnight. What is not shown is the struggle, sleepless nights, close encounters with losing it all, and not to forget, the sweat and tears in the process.

  • Its not the family name, legacy or size of your bank account that helps you attain success.  It is you.
  • You create the difference and results you want to accomplish.
  • What makes your role models successful? How can you accomplish the same?
Keynote by Speaker Jim Tselikis

Growing means you can't be everywhere

No matter how you scale your business, it means you cannot be everywhere at once as you grow. Maintaining brand standards and integrity, while keeping the sense of you, the owner, always there, is key.

  • Keeping and enhancing your sense of self in your businesses worldwide; maintaining your brand.
  • Speaker Jim will teach how to make sure your customers and staff feel like you’re always present in their store while maintaining consistency, customer experiences and output across all locations
Keynote by Speaker Jim Tselikis

Authentic Storytelling

Speaker Jim’s story about family, roots, authentic product and how they all join together to create smiles and happiness through food. A powerful story creates customers for life. They become ambassadors of your brand while spreading your story and business for free, these are your greatest assets.

  • Create your story, business and value in a quick snapshot, before attention is lost
  • Differentiate your business or job from everyone else
  • Learn to use a unique, innate or special story to separate you from your competition
  • How to build brand loyalty and grow your business

See Jim Tselikis build his brand

See keynotes with Jim Tselikis
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