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Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

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Innovation icon and award-winning entrepreneur sharing unique stories that can make a difference worldwide

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Speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson shares stories that make a huge difference in for businesses of every size around the world. She is a New York City-based entrepreneur and deal-maker in digital commerce, luxury merchandising and business development.

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson has won her acclaim by creating evolutionary, if not revolutionary, new streams of value. She has built 3 companies, exploiting new ways to deliver value to underserved markets and consumers.

The first was Gilt, a pioneer in the retail market that changed the online retailing landscape with respect to sales. The company’s meteoric trajectory is much imitated. In 2016 Gilt sold to Hudson’s Bay Company. Then speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson moved on to found GLAMSQUAD. Taking advantage of the Uber-inspired on-demand economy, GLAMSQUAD brought beauty services directly to the homes and offices of busy consumers across the country. She led the company through rapid growth and raised $24M in venture capital for top-tier firms including NEA, Softbank and Lerer Hippeau Ventures. Alexandra’s third venture was Fitz, which after one year in operation was sold to the premier online peer-to-peer reseller of women’s fashion.

Learn about the art of business disruption from speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson. She has a proven track record building and operating early stage, fast-growing consumer-facing businesses and creating powerful brands.

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    Keynote by Speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

    How to Disrupt Your Industry: Lessons from an Innovation Icon

    • What does it really take to invent our future? Creating value is just the beginning. To make money from innovation, you must drive your industry’s evolution — even before the industry exists.
    • As one of the most successful entrepreneurial innovators today, speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson shares the key skills that people need, including spotting value opportunities in new or underserved markets, moving ideas from value creation (revenues) to value capture (profits), building a process around value (not value around the process), selecting the right talent to execute…and much more.
    • This is a critical presentation for all business people looking to maximize growth in the future.

    Keynote by Speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

    Creating Innovation in The Workplace

    • Most companies and individuals can benefit from incorporating innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and action in the workplace.
    • No matter if you work at a startup or in a big corporate environment, innovation leads to growth, success, job retention and loyalty among employees at all levels.
    • In this presentation, speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson explains why it is critical that companies incorporate and welcome innovation and creativity from all levels of an organization.

    Keynote by Speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

    Building a High-Performing Team

    • Great things in business are never done by one person. Building a team is one of the most critical things you can do to drive results, whether you’re working in the startup or an established organization.
    • Referencing examples from her own experiences as an entrepreneur, adviser and angel investor, speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson examines teamwork at every level of the game, including the skills competency and personalities which compliment the other team members, sharing a common approach and purpose, and marrying these two a structure that enables both creativity and efficient work production, and creating mutual accountability toward that ultimate purpose… all frameworks for building a high-performance team.

    Keynote by Speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

    Women in Business and Leadership

    • As a frequent and celebrated speaker at women’s organizations, speaker Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is particularly adept at encouraging women to become leaders and find their true potential in the global workplace.
    • Sharing firsthand experience as a leader and entrepreneur in her own right, she shares stories of working in male-dominated environments including investment banking and the luxury sector, as well as the barriers she shattered in her own endeavors at Gilt, GLAMSQUAD, Fitz, and now Allergan.
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