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Polly LaBarre

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Author, co-founder of the Management Lab (MLab), and business consultant helping corporations manage disruptive change

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Author, business consultant and speaker Polly LaBarre has worked with leaders to make their businesses innovative, resilient and inspiring for over 2 decades! Polly’s field-tested insights help organizations change the way they change! Effectively hacking the status quo to ramp up originality, invention, and game-changing disruption.

Why Book Speaker Polly LaBarre?

  • She will challenge, yet enhance your companies ideas of creativity and expression.  Polly coveys how these two ideas don’t have to be reserved, when creating a balanced work environment.
  • She reinvents the idea of innovational performance and shamelessly unleashing your individuality and artistry to enhance transformation and progression.
  • With Speaker Polly’s vast experience and hands on studying, shes able to comprehend and properly build a proper rapport in enhancing individuality and challenging mindsets through experimentation and occasionally even, failure.
  • Speaker Polly stays ahead of the game by creating new methods of changing the way you manage and instruct yourself, and company.

About Polly:

Speaker Polly LaBarre shows clients how to unleash your imagination, passion, and initiative therefore,  building innovation into your organizations DNA. “Only when every person in your organization is inspired and passionate, is there truly innovation in your organization’s DNA.”

Speaker Polly is co-founder of the Management Lab (MLab), a “think-and-do” tank dedicated to rebooting management for the 21st century. Polly has developed and pioneered a platform for changing how large organizations, change.  MLab runs large-scale, real-world experiments in “hacking management”. To build the deep organizational capabilities crucial for thriving in a creative, disruptive world, these include: adaptability, innovation, and inspiration.

Polly has traveled the world to study and work with the courageous contrarians, management mavericks, and pioneering progressives who are inventing the future of organizations and business.  She has observed many things about these game-changing organizations in which she applies to her work-style and every day lifestyle

Polly is the co-author of the award-winning book Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win, which was a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller. Published in over 20 territories, Mavericks was a “Business Book of the Year” for the Financial Times, the Miami Herald, and The Economist. Calling the book “a pivotal work in the tradition of In Search of Excellence and Good to Great“. In addition CNN, CNBC, and GMA all created series around the book.

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See keynotes with Polly LaBarre

    Speaker Polly LaBarre Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Polly LaBarre

    A MAVERICK AGENDA FOR INVENTING THE FUTURE – How to disrupt like an insurgent

    •  The challenge today is that most organizations are programmed to safeguard the status quo. So, how do you unleash your organization’s inner insurgent?
    • How do you build a company with the drive to disrupt the status quo and the capacity to change ahead of change? Polly unpacks a set of actionable strategies drawn from her research and work inside some of the world’s most successful and innovative organizations.  
    • Audiences learn a completely new mindset for changing the way they change.

    Keynote by Speaker Polly LaBarre

    LIBERATION LEADERSHIP – The end of leadership as we know it

    •  Polly shows what proper leadership actually looks like in practice at bold and successful organizations that have transformed their leadership mindset and reaped the rewards.
    • She offers fresh and practical approaches using vivid storytelling.
    •  You’ll walk away understanding the most important things you need to do to “leader-proof” your organization.

    Keynote by Speaker Polly LaBarre

    TURN YOUR COMPANY INTO A LAB – Creating a culture of everyday, everywhere experimentation

    • In order to innovate and adapt in this creative, disruptive economy, every organization must develop the capacity (and the appetite) for experimentation and even failure. Speaker Polly shows how the best companies today manage this idea.
    • Her rich stories and practical perspectives and practices show how you can spread the mindset and methods of experimentation.
    • Audiences leave knowing the five strategies for turning their organization into a lab for perpetual innovation.

    Keynote by Speaker Polly LaBarre

    THE HUMAN EDGE – Unleashing the most powerful force in business

    • Fundamental human qualities are the engine of the creative economy – the source of all value.  In this presentation, Polly takes audiences to the far front edge of organizational life and offers a look deep inside the “positive deviants” gaining advantage from their human edge.
    • The lessons Polly draws from their success will inspire organizations looking to transform their cultures and position themselves for the future.

    Keynote by Speaker Polly LaBarre

    THE MIND OF THE INNOVATOR – Make creativity a habit and become an innovator-for-life

    •  As we grow, we tend to lose our creativity drive through people and through life. In this captivating presentation, Polly introduces the core creative mindsets and habits that set the greatest artists, inventors, and creators apart.
    • Speaker Polly shares a wealth of strategies and portable practices to help you see more, see differently, find answers in the most unexpected places, experiment fearlessly and tap into your powerful intuition.
    • The goal: to help you turn creativity into a way of life.

    Keynote by Speaker Polly LaBarre

    THE HUMAN EDGE: FULLY ENGAGED & RELENTLESSLY INNOVATIVE – Turning Culture into a Competitive Advantage

    • Too few organizations are designed to unleash, mobilize, and amplify the human edge. Polly’s lays out a path for cultivating a culture of contribution, collaboration and innovation—one where everyone is switched-on and connected to each other and to customers.
    • She inspires audiences with a set of strategies for re-designing systems, processes, and practices to make their organization fundamentally more innovation-friendly
    • She embeds the mindsets and methods of experimentation into everything we find ourselves apart of.
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Keynote topics with Polly LaBarre