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Bernhard Kerres enthrals audiences with his musical and business expertise

Bernhard Kerres

travels from Austria

Bernhard Kerres is an accomplished C-Suite executive, classically trained musician, and music industry consultant. He leverages his experience to offer audiences an impactful presentation on topics ranging from music to technology.

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Bernhard Kerres leverages his background in opera and classical music to introduce music career strategies and information to audiences. As the HELLO STAGE and Be Your Own Manager founder, Kerres offers professional musicians helpful career information, guidance, and connections via his online platform. His career enhancement strategies come from his own experiences as a classical musician and business management professional. As a former C-level tech manager, he offers listeners a powerful presentation with tools for self-managing or working with professional representation to succeed in the competitive music business.  

Why you should book Bernhard Kerres for your next event

  • Audiences are entertained by Bernhard Kerres’ insight into the fields of music, technology, and business. His anecdotes from his own career provide a lens for audiences to view the music industry.
  • His presentation gives professionals helpful information about how to succeed in business. Offering impactful, creative tools for empowering an individual performer to jumpstart his career, Kerres’ keynote is an innovative roadmap for professional success.
  • Kerres’ website, Be Your Own Manager, offers leadership and performance management advice, techniques, and consulting to professionals in the music industry.

Bernhard Kerres has transformed his own music career by helping others to navigate the complexities of the industry. Offering insight based on decades of business experience, he imparts helpful information about emotional intelligence, industry contacts, and strategies for success.

As a former C-level executive for a variety of companies, Kerres offers brilliant business insights. By combining his experience in business with his opera background, he brings a unique take on how to be your own manager or work with talented industry professionals.

As the founder of HELLO STAGE and Be Your Own Manager online platforms, Kerres uses the power of the internet to reach global audiences with his messages. He leverages his experience in classical music to provide a roadmap to other professionals. As the former artistic director for a popular concert hall, Kerres understands industry dynamics and imparts valuable information during his talks.

Serving as the President of the festival for contemporary music, Wien Modern, Bernhard engages audiences with music, management, and leadership topics. Combining his experience to help other professionals, he provides actionable strategies to music professionals via his website, lectures, and consultations. Providing an entertaining and informative keynote address, Kerres simplifies the process of obtaining business success.

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Keynote by Bernhard Kerres

The Secret Sauce of Silicon Valley:

Every good Italian restaurant has its secret sauce. So has the innovation hub of the world, Silicon Valley. Much has been researched and written about it. But Bernhard will talk about his own experience working and living in Silicon Valley for one year and what we can learn from it in Europe.

Keynote by Bernhard Kerres

Leadership Lessons from the Orchestras:

A conductor has only three days to create an outstanding performance. And even these three days are strictly regulated by some of the strongest unions. Bernhard gives an insight into the focused work of conductors and orchestras leading again and again to magic performances. These insights provide business leaders with new and surprising insights into leadership.

Keynote by Bernhard Kerres

Teamwork wins Championships:

Michael Jordan said so brilliantly, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” There is no better example of teamwork than a string quartet. Four people, four equals, becoming a high-performance team. Rarely seen in management, regularly seen on concert stages. What do string quartets differently, and what can executive teams learn from it?

Watch Bernhard Kerres in action

Music is the universal language: Bernhard Kerres at TEDxSalzburg 2013

See keynotes with Bernhard Kerres
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