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Classical Music Speakers

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Speakers about classical music (5)

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David Taylor

David Taylor: A visionary arts innovator driving digital transformation for classical music.

travels from UK

Experience the transformative power of David Taylor, the visionary arts innovator and dynamic keynote speaker. With a track record of driving digital transformation in classical music and empowering arts entrepreneurs, David's insights will propel...


Martine Reyners

Martine Reyners is a professional soprano and opera singer with over 20 years of experience, who also runs a singing and coaching practice using a holistic approach.

travels from Belgium

Martine Reyners is a Belgian soprano and opera singer with a career spanning over two decades. She has performed in various prestigious opera houses across Europe and has received critical acclaim for her performances. In addition to her singing...


Bernhard Kerres

Bernhard Kerres is an accomplished C-Suite executive, classically trained musician, and music industry consultant. He leverages his experience to offer audiences an impactful presentation on topics ranging from music to technology.

travels from Austria

Bernhard Kerres leverages his background in opera and classical music to introduce music career strategies and information to audiences. As the HELLO STAGE and Be Your Own Manager founder, Kerres offers professional musicians helpful career...


Christian Gansch

Successful conductor, music producer and author

travels from Germany

Speaker Christian Gansch vividly demonstrates leadership through his lectures and how companies can learn from orchestras. Christian gives insights into the orchestral leadership of employees in companies and explains the role of self-motivation and...


Tania de Jong AM

One of the most successful female entrepreneurs specializing in creativity, innovation and managing change

travels from Australia

Tania is a leading global speaker who expands mindsets with inspirational keynotes on leadership, entrepreneurship, purpose, creativity, innovation, inclusion, mental health, generosity, and philanthropy. She helps prepare people, organizations, and...

Classical Music
Classical Music
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About Classical Music

  • The history of classical music is long and winding and it is of course difficult, and for a reason, not to think of great masters such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Mahler.
  • But how do we actually define classical music? It is a little more difficult than one might think because even if we go with vague terms like ‘music of the old days’ there is plenty of old music that is not classical music as well as modern music that certainly is.
  • Although many people still associate classical music with the great old master, the historical symphonies and operas, people still compose new classical music. Examples of famous modern day classical composers would include Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt, Meredith Monk and Krzysztof Penderecki.
  • Keynote speakers on classical music may choose to focus on definitional discussions relating to classical music, on the history of classical music, on compositional techniques, on genres or composers.
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