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Notable composer Alfonso Aguilar transforms branding concepts with music

Alfonso G. Aguilar

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Alfonso G. Aguilar is a world-renowned musician and composer with unique understanding of brand messaging.

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Alfonso taps into his musical gifts to introduce audiences to new ways of experiencing sound. From musical coding to artificial intelligence, he leverages new technology to raise awareness about the power of music to influence brand messaging. Breaking with traditional music composition, Alfonso elevates his work by introducing customers to innovative concepts designed to create an emotional connection with a brand. As a popular composer, he has worked with top brands in producing film scores, branding concepts, and soundtracks. Notably, he received a Public Choice Award for his score in the Netflix movie, Klaus.

Why you should book Alsonso G. Aguilar for your next event

  • Listeners enjoy the way Alfonso introduces new musical concepts in a simple-to-understand presentation. His dynamic and unique keynotes are a refreshing way for audiences to understand how sound may positively impact brand messaging.
  • With a presentation designed to entertain and uplift the audience, Alfonso brings a wealth of knowledge about reaching global audiences with artificial intelligence and musical coding.
  • As an award-winning musician, Alfonso is the Public Choice Award winner for his score, which is featured in Klaus, an Oscar-nominated animation from Netflix.

Alfonso G. Aguilar is a renowned film composer and musician who elevates brand awareness with unique musical messaging. He also founded Sounditi, a firm that develops artificial intelligence concepts for major brands, which seek unique music ID.

Known for his work on Oscar-nominated Klaus, Alfonso brings a depth of experience to keynote presentations. From writing scores for films to working with iconic entertainment figures to develop global projects, the composer offers an enlightening perspective on the way music impacts consumers and audiences.

As a music producer, Alfonso is responsible for the production of Abbey Road acoustics for “Guerra,” an album from artist Carlos Rivera, which achieved gold and platinum status. Recent works also include writing a musical film score for Nickelodeon’s Santiago of the Seas and Amazon’s El Cid series.

Utilizing his in-depth knowledge about music, Alfonso G. Aguilar offers listeners a unique experience, which includes information on brand messaging, films, and soundtracks. His background integrating music to elevate a brand’s impact is revolutionizing the way audiences understand sound and its impact on consumers.

As a music innovator, Alfonso lifts audiences into a new awareness about music and its ability to influence how consumers feel about a brand or film.
lfonso G. Aguilar

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Speaking topics

Alfonso presents an insightful and inspiring keynote based on his knowledge about artificial intelligence, musical coding, and how to impact brand messages through music. Alfonso will also touch upon the following topics:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Music
  • Startup
Watch Alfonso G. Aguilar in action

Interview to ALFONSO G AGUILAR at Big Data Spain 2018

Watch Alfonso G. Aguilar in action

Música, Hipnosis y Emociones | Alfonso González Aguilar | TEDxUComillas

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