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Country: USA

Cultural icon and speaker Ice-T is the living embodiment of what LA Hip-hop is: through his music, books and tours all over the United States he turned into a key influence and a significant spokesperson for the youth regardless of their backgrounds.

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By being born in New Jersey, speaker Ice-T mastered the art of survival early in an ever-changing environment as he lost his parents at a very young age. Thereafter, he got involved in the gangs of Los Angeles, the city where he first released a series of influential recordings before forming the highly acclaimed thrash metal band Body Count.

His controversial personality also secured his position in the film and television industry as he starred in movies such as New Jack City, Ricochet and Johnny Mnemonic. Furthermore, he appeared in numerous independent movies and documentaries. His influence is also apparent in interactive media as he worked as a voice actor for video games like Grand Theft Auto and Gears of War.

Ice-T’s experience in areas such as the music and the film industry helped him earn his reputation as an influential speaker for the youth of the United States: he is available to address meaningful speeches about the cultural relevance of rap music, the racial background of America or the way of overcoming tough challenges in life.

Currently, Ice-T stars in the NBC series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Furthermore, he released a new album by Body Count, earning the band a 2018 Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance.

    Keynote by Speaker Ice-T

    Race in America: Two Sides of a Coin

    • In this talk, Ice talks to the audience about the history of race – and the influence of it in his own life. Additionally, he offers an insight into how the issue is viewed by people not of colour and how he regards current race relations.

    Keynote by Speaker Ice-T

    Overcoming the Impossible

    • Ice-T designed this topic to help people cultivating the right mindset to have to try new things, to overcome personal loss or physical injury.

    Keynote by Speaker Ice-T

    The Cultural Relevance of Rap Music & How It Shaped My Life

    • This speech is an autobiographical account of how Ice-T became involved in the LA hip-hop scene, what music meant to him in the past and what it means to him now. In addition, he unveils how music opened up the way to his current career.

    Keynote by Speaker Ice-T

    The Importance of Education as a Pathway to Wisdom

    • Ice-T’s speech The Importance of Education as a Pathway to Wisdom reveals the journey towards acquiring knowledge: regardless of the nature of education, he both covers book learning and practical knowledge to be picked up on the streets.
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