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Digital Communication

Digital Communication Speakers

Digital communication has impacted the way people communicate with each other. Online channels such as slack, trello, asana, webinars, notice boards and newsletters have permeated our lives, embedding themselves in the very foundation of our work experience. Book one of our Digital Communication speakers and get introduced to the advantages and disadvantages associated with this rapid adoption and implementation of digital tools.

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Speakers about digital communication (5)

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Sonja Piontek

The Corporate Speaker on UltraCreativity, Change Mindset & Brand Building

travels from Germany, Singapore

Sonja Piontek is the global corporate speaker and bestselling author on UltraCreativity. The award winning German gets booked alongside international thought leaders such as Yuval Noah Harari or Les Brown. Sonja speaks on Creativity, Change...


Corey Perlman

Social media and digital marketing expert, bestselling author and top-rated influential speaker helping businesses

travels from USA

Bestselling author and influential speaker Corey Perlman guides businesses in achieving success through digital marketing. He implements well-tested and current social media strategies for excellence. Close to a decade of keynote speaking he has...


Ashley Riley

Author, communications thought leader and political adviser tools to successful communication and business

travels from UK

Ashley is regarded as an expert and thought leader on communications and how to use communication to be successful in business and in...


Rob van Kranenburg

Twenty years experience in working with Industrial IoT, telco's, SME, hackers and government.

travels from Belgium, Netherlands

Keynote speaker Rob van Kranenburg is the founder of the Internet of Things Council, the largest independent IoT think tank and iotday.org. Rob is an #IoT influencer who gets called in to advise on large scale digital...


Brian Solis

Anthropologist, futurist, digital analyst, author and prominent blogger specializing in emerging technology on businesses

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Brian Solis is a digital analyst, anthropologist, award-winning author and prominent blogger. He is a specialist on the effects of emerging technology on business, marketing, and culture. Brian Solis is dynamic and engaging and knows...

Digital Communication
Digital Communication
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What are the benefits and downfalls of digital communication in organizations?

Digital Communication
  • The digitisation of traditional communication channels has allowed dispersed teams to collaborate remotely and connect naturally, as they would in person, with the simple use of  video sharing apps.
  • The Digital Communication speakers have broad expertise when it comes to the implications brought by digital tools in multinational workplaces. From access to global talent pools to instant and face-paced efficiency, digital technology is turning communication into a more interactive, participatory and less hierarchical process.
  • Digital communication does not come without challenges. The most common risk affecting corporations is the decreased amount of time employees spend on interacting with their coworkers face-to-face. Our excellent speakers will help you identify the most effective communication strategy for your organization.

What is Digital Communication?


Digital communication occurs when the information is encoded digitally and then electronically conveyed to its recipients. Browse through our collection of popular keynotes for more insight into modern communication platforms and online channels. Contact A-Speakers to find some suitable suggestions for your next event.

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