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Kevin Abdulrahman

Innovative leadership & motivational speaker
Country: UAE

Kevin Abdulrahman is an internationally renowned business, leadership and motivational speaker. With more than 3,000 talks delivered across five continents, our keynote speaker Kevin Abdulrahman speaks to some of the world’s most prominent business leaders and CEOs across different corners of the world.

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Kevin Abdulrahman is considered Asia’s leading motivational speaker. An exceptional speaking talent and thought leader, he travels the world sharing his knowledge and best practices. He is the first choice of leadership and motivational speaker for countless industry professionals and organizations.

Dubbed “The Man Inspiring Millions,” Kevin Abdulrahman is a highly sought after guest and expert on TV and radio programs where he shares his thoughts, tips, and strategies to help individuals lead from within, attain a winning mind, and put their best foot forward towards their goals and dreams.

The keynote speaker Kevin Abdulrahman is also the author of a series of winning books which have been translated into many languages, and the creator of numerous training programs in the fields of self improvement, motivation, leadership, public speaking, and creating high performing individuals and teams. His articles are published, translated and read by millions of people globally. From coffee table pamphlets to in-flight magazines, reports, newsletters and newspapers, his work is hard to miss.

Eloquent and innovative, our speaker Kevin Abdulrahman connects instantly with audiences and delivers his message with impact. He tailors his talks specifically to his clients, ensuring that your team is the point of departure and engaging and motivating them to move as forward thinkers towards their desired goals. Unleash the talented speaker Kevin Abdulrahman in front of your audience and watch them get inspired, get informed, and get going! Kevin also provides private coaching on Public Speaking!

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    Speaker Kevin Abdulrahman Keynote Topics

    • Leadership
    • Motivation & Empowerment
    • Creating a Winning Culture
    • Change Management
    • High Performance
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • Effective Communication
    • Sales Management
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