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Retailer Tom Chapman inspires audiences to explore online entrepreneurship.

Tom Chapman

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As an inspiring speaker, Tom Chapman encourages listeners to explore the benefits of expanding business via the internet. Focusing on technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, he shares how his business became London's largest independent luxury retailer.

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Tom Chapman began his retail store with one brick-and-mortar location. In 2007, the company became one of the first fashion retailers to sell on the internet in the UK. Customers could easily access the store's stock of multiple brands, which shipped to more than 175 countries. Now with 14 stores in Britain and 450 brands, 80% of the company's business is from internationally based customers. Tom initially led the website construction and digital strategy. He ran the business with Ruth Chapman, who joined the enterprise in 1987 before selling it in 2017 to Apax Partners.

Why you should book Tom Chapman for your next event

  • Tom Chapman inspires audiences to leverage technology in expanding a business database. By sharing his story of business transformation, he brings audiences powerful tools for enhancing their performance.
  • Offering audiences insights into his own business success, he provides detailed information and step-by-step instructions for creating a viable internet-based enterprise. Listeners may use his insights to create a plan of action for developing a successful online business.
  • Covering topics ranging from ecommerce to entrepreneurism, Chapman helps listeners understand the possibilities inherent in digital commerce.

Tom Chapman’s retail fashion empire began with one land-based fashion store. After launching an online website called matchesfashion.com, he expanded his customer base exponentially in 2007. Now reaching more than 175 countries, the business has more than 80% international buyers and more than 95% sales from online customers. His transformative experience offers audiences an example of how technology can enhance business sales and performance.

Serving as the web developer initially, Chapman is now joint chairman of the enterprise, which reaches across the globe. As a retail business, the multi-channel ecommerce company is an iconic fashion industry brand. At the helm, Chapman is acclaimed for his technology and e-commerce insights that catapulted the company to international success.

He now invests in startups in health, fashion, and technology. He leverages his successful experience with his own business to help entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of selling products via the internet.

Having worked with innovators and designers across the industry spectrum, Chapman has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award from Drapers in 2017 and a Hall of Fame award in fashion and business for 2018.

As an innovator and highly successful fashion retailer, he offers audiences powerful insights about how technology plays a vital role in business innovation and performance.

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Business and investing

Following the sale of MATCHES in a deal worth over $1bn, Tom has leveraged his business credentials to invest in pan-sector startups with a core focus on sustainability through his family office.

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Motivational speeches for entrepreneurs

He founded MATCHESFASHION as a tiny store in Wimbledon when he was just 21!

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The fashion industry

Tom is one of the most influential figures in the UK fashion space. Before MATCHES, Versace, Prada, and Bottega Veneta were largely unknown in the UK.

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Tom Chapman OBE Showreel 2022

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