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Samanah Duran

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Samanah is known for her ability to obtain high-profile media partnerships, collaborations, and sponsorships. Her keynotes delve into a variety of topics, including marketing, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

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Samanah Duran inspires entrepreneurs through her BEYOUROWN news and digital media company. She offers women a unique perspective and influences an expansive community of female professionals. Hosting monthly club events for BEYOUROWN members, Duran offers panels and workshops about topics of importance to women entrepreneurs. Showcased in high-profile publications, such as Forbes and Telegraph, the influencer continues to expand her reach to encourage female business owners. Duran's philosophy includes a focus on enjoying her business and creating enjoyable experiences for others. She's on a mission to share her knowledge about entrepreneurship with aspiring business owners.  

Why you should book Samanah Duran for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Duran’s drive to help others succeed in business. As a popular influencer and media professional, she offers valuable information to aspiring business owners.
  • Her thoughtful workshops and presentations cover a myriad of topics, including strategies for achieving extraordinary success in business. Female entrepreneurs take away actionable steps to incorporate into existing business models.
  • Duran’s popular female empowerment group, BEYOUROWN, reaches a broad audience of entrepreneurs, professionals, and influencers. Her message is simple but profound – enjoy business and enjoy life.

In conjunction with Celebrity PR Limited, London we present Samanah Duran, who is a highly sought-after speaker in the areas of business and media. She combines her own entrepreneurial experience with networking skills to reach a broad audience of female business owners. By inspiring other female business owners, Duran has created an expansive networking group, BEYOUROWN. She focuses on enjoying business and personal life by encouraging others to do the same. Leveraging workshops, panels, and digital media, the organisation reaches a broad audience of female business owners with vital information about how to succeed. In sharing her knowledge, Duran has made entrepreneurship possible for her followers and clients.

The media influencer integrates digital marketing into her business strategy, which expands her reach. Drawing from her experience launching a popular streetwear brand, Critics Clothing, she is laser focused on building the BEYOUROWN media empire. She has been recognized by top publications as a Forbes magazine in its top 30 under 30 list. Her passion for inspiring women business owners has proven to be integral to brand growth. BEYOUROWN has an estimated $1 million brand valuation. As the digital media and news company continues to expand, Duran encourages its followers to live life to the fullest, accept individuality, and embrace identity.

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Keynote by Samanah Duran

Keynote topics


  • BEYOUROWN (The original story behind the brand)
  • Champion, Celebrate & Connect – Female Empowerment (Why it is important create culture and community within female entrepreneurship)
  • How To Build A Successful Brand (Covering Marketing, PR and digital media)
  • Fashion To Forbes With Critics Clothing (The rags to riches story)
Watch Samanah Duran in action

Journey from Model to Mogul - A MARKETING CONVERSATION with Samanah Duran

See keynotes with Samanah Duran
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Keynote topics with Samanah Duran