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Josh Linkner

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Successful entrepreneur, author, and founder of ePrize, a successful agency providing digital marketing services

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Keynote speaker Josh Linkner is the author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity, named one of the top 10 business books of 2011. He is a successful entrepreneur and he is the founder of ePrize, a successful agency providing digital marketing services for some of the world’s largest brands.

Why you should book speaker Josh Linkner

  • Josh is a 5-time tech entrepreneur who founded and built five companies with a combined exit value of $200 million.
  • He is a founding partner of Detroit Venture Partners and advised and/or invested in over 100 startups.
  • Josh is one of the leading experts on innovation, hyper-growth leadership and disruption.

Josh Linkner – who started out as a jazz guitarist – personifies entrepreneurship, creativity and disruptive innovation.

Josh has written two New York Times Bestsellers: Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity, and The Road to Reinvention: How to Drive Disruption and Accelerate Transformation. He is also the Founding Partner of Detroit Venture Partners, investing in and mentoring more than 100 startups.

Josh has on two occasions been named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and he is a President Barack Obama Champion of Change award recipient. He is a regular columnist for ForbesThe Detroit Free Press, and Inc. Magazine.  His work on innovation has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, CNN, and The New York Times. In addition to all this, he still plays a mean jazz guitar.

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Keynote by speaker Josh Linkner

Big Little Breakthroughs

The pressure to generate big ideas can feel overwhelming. We know that bold innovations are critical in these disruptive and competitive times, but when it comes to breakthrough thinking, we often freeze up.

Instead of shooting for a $10 billion IPO or a Nobel Prize, the most prolific innovators focus instead on Big Little Breakthroughs – small, creative acts that unlock massive rewards over time. By building a daily habit of creativity, leaders and organizations not only enjoy a high volume of small wins, but also the daily practice of micro-innovations — the fastest route to discover the massive breakthroughs we seek.

Audience takeaways:

  • A simple yet effective method for all of us to cultivate the power of human creativity.
  • Focusing on a simple and deliberate approach to daily practice, the system enables people from all backgrounds, training, and walks of life to expand their creative skillset and mindset.
  • Helping everyday individuals and leaders unlock inventive thinking and harness innovation to tackle tough challenges and seize bold opportunities
Keynote by speaker Josh Linkner

Find a Way: Expand creative problem solving to tackle the challenges of COVID-19

In these uncertain times, we can no longer rely on the models of the past and expect the same results. How can we confront the new realities of the COVID-19 era and emerge stronger and better equipped? Creative problem solving has long been the core ingredient in overcoming adversity and seizing new opportunities.

Audience takeaways:

  • Exploring the realities, challenges, and opportunities created by COVID-19 and delivers an inspiring path forward
  • Participants will learn specific techniques and leave both energized and better equipped to conquer challenges and seize possibilities
Keynote by speaker Josh Linkner

The 5 Mindsets of Innovation

Having interviewed hundreds of top innovators, leaders and organizations around the world, New York Times bestselling author and tech entrepreneur Josh Linkner uncovered the five most powerful mindsets that are the building blocks for jawdropping innovation. In this high-energy keynote, your audience will learn to embrace these powerful approaches in order to conquer adversity and fuel growth.

How did an oddball idea save the cattle industry over $1 billion? How did a large hotel chain create a new revenue stream and drive competitive differentiation without investing a penny? How did the leaders of a small organization stave off a near-certain extinction, even when they were overwhelmingly outmatched by a powerful enemy?

Audience takeaways:

  • Each mindset is reinforced through surprising, real-world examples, laugh out loud moments, and practical takeaways.
  • The five mindsets are portable and can be applied immediately to any role, job function, or industry.
Keynote by speaker Josh Linkner

The Music of Business

Live jazz is an art form that equates to real-time innovation. To even navigate through a single song, jazz musicians must collaborate, adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, and make decisions in the face of ambiguity. As the baton of leadership gets passed from one musician to the next, individual contributors are constantly course correcting, inventing, and creatively solving problems.

Audience takeaways:

  • Jazz guitarist and tech entrepreneur Josh Linkner use live musical performance as a metaphor for modern, innovative collaboration. Josh and his fellow musicians lead the audience on a musical journey, sharing an insider’s look at this stunning art form.
  • Through the lens of a jazz musician, participants will gain a fresh perspective and new techniques for creative problem solving improved collaboration, and real-time agility.
Keynote by speaker Josh Linkner

The Creativity Upgrade

On a regular basis, we upgrade our cars, software, and wardrobe. But when was the last time you upgraded your imagination? Isn’t it about time to give your team a boost of inventive thinking, creative problem solving, and everyday innovation to drive better outcomes?

Audience takeaways:

  • In this inspiring keynote, Josh will help your team grow, as both business leaders and as people.
  • Your audience will learn to solve problems in creative, nontraditional ways and expand their creative capacity to drive growth and sustainable success.
Keynote by speaker Josh Linkner

Think and Act like A Startup

Have you ever wondered how Oprah and Bill Gates think and act behind the scenes? How do the entrepreneurs we revere invent bold ideas, do more with less, and change the world as a result? What would happen if the founder of Snapchat or Zoom joined your organization?

Tech startups aren’t the only ones who can think differently. We can all use this same creative thinking in our own careers, companies, and communities.

Audience takeaways:

  • Demystifies startup thinking and shares a specific methodology that we can put into practice immediately.
  • Audience members will learn to embrace the creativity, grit, and vision of a startup and then channel this approach to drive growth, innovation, efficiency, and customer delight.
  • Participants get an insider’s look as Josh Linkner decodes startup thinking to help leaders of any size company in any industry or profession
Josh Linkner - video

Josh Linkner Innovation Keynote Speaker 2019

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In our turbulent business climate, we all seek new pathways to growth and success. Yet winning can be elusive in these times of dizzying speed and ruthless competition.

Too often, once great organizations become intoxicated by their own success. They fail to adapt, fail to innovate, and then simply fail. To avoid this trap, we must exploit our most powerful weapon: human creativity. Its the one thing that can’t be outsourced or automated, and has become the currency of success. Cultivating creativity and innovation is leadership job #1 if we want to enjoy sustainable growth and progress.

Having studied hundreds of the most innovative people in history, I’ve discovered five core beliefs that transcend industry, geography, and upbringing. These patterns are easy to understand and can be implemented directly into your daily work to drive growth and success:

1. Get Curious.  It turns out that curiosity is very much the building block of creativity. The more curious you are, the more creative you’ll become. Try asking questions that begin with “why”, “what if”, or “why not?” When you ask these questions, it forces you to imagine the possibilities and explore fresh approaches.

2. Crave What’s Next.  It’s easy to think success is a permanent condition, yet that has been the downfall for far too many organizations. Instead, we must lean into change, embracing new approaches rather than clinging to old ones. Too often, we overestimate the risk of trying something new but underestimate the risk of standing still.

3. Defy Tradition.  Family traditions can be wonderful, but traditions in our professional lives can be deadly. Blindly doing things in a traditional way has been the downfall or far too many companies and careers. Instead, when you find yourself approaching your work in a traditional way, examine your approach carefully and see if you can flip it upside down.

4. Get Scrappy.  We often believe our ability to innovate is tied to external resources such as money, headcount, or raw materials. The truth is, the real building blocks of innovation areinternal resources: Grit. Determination. Tenacity. Resilience.  This is why startups are able to do more with less and upend industry giants.

5. Adapt Fast.  Most breakthroughs only materialize through a series of setbacks and mistakes, failures and pivots, tweaks and micro-innovations.  Rapid-fire creativity, practiced as a daily habit, can be far more important than the potency of an initial ideal. Experiment, learn, adapt. Rinse and repeat.

Creativity is a skill – a muscle – that each of us can harness to drive our companies and careers to the next level. Push the boundaries, shake it up, explore what’s possible. Inject innovative approaches into your everyday work, and the results will be stunning.

Josh Linkner is a 5-time tech entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, venture capitalist, and professional-level jazz guitarist, and highly sought after keynote speaker.


Interview with Josh Linkner

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

Audiences leave my talks energized and empowered.  They are fired up knowing that they have the capacity to inject creativity into all areas of their business in order to drive meaningful results. And they are empowered by learning specific techniques and business takeaway value that they can put to use immediately.  Attendees come away fully understanding the importance of creativity and innovation in their organizations, and are given a specific framework for how to deploy this natural resource effectively.

How are your keynotes Unique?

I am not a typical “speaker” whose main accomplishments are speaking.  I founded, built, and sold three companies before I turned 30.  My 4th company grew to 500 employees and $100 million in revenue before I sold it to a large private equity firm.  I now run a venture capital firm in Detroit, Michigan and am also a professional jazz musician.

I bring a very unique perspective of someone who has actually put these ideas to work, who has overcome deep adversity, and has used creativity to win at the highest levels of business.  The presentations include zero “bullet points.”  Instead, they are rich with vivid imagery, energizing video clips, humor, and captivating story telling.  Audiences are entertained, fired-up, and given specific tools to expand their own creative abilities.

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

Those that forge new ground inspire me.  Business and community leaders who dare to do the never-been-done-before.  I admire those that disrupt the status quo and shatter conventional wisdom.  This ranges from innovators like Elon Musk and Tony Hseih to jazz musicians like Charlie Parker and Miles Davis.  I am inspired by those who break the mold and have the courage to turn things upside down.

Why is creativity so important in the business world?

It has gone from being a nice-to-have to being mission-critical.  As many of the competitive advantages of the past have become commoditized, creativity is the one thing left standing.  The one thing that can’t be outsourced.  The one source of sustainable competitive advantage.  In a world of dizzying speed, exponential complexity, and ruthless competition it is the natural resource that can be the difference maker between prosperity and mediocrity.  Between staying alive or getting crushed by the competition.

Can you give 3 tips for companies who wish to create a creative business culture?

  • Think Small! That is, think like a startup. Imagine how a new startup in your industry would take on the giants.
  • Encourage courage – celebrate ideas rather than punish them. Remove fear and your team’s creativity will shine.
  • Get curious – ask more questions and challenge conventional thinking. The more curious you are, the more creative you’ll become.

Is there a link between your passion for jazz and the work you do?

Absolutely! Jazz is fundamentally about improvising, which is the exact same demands we face in the business world. Things are moving too quickly to follow an operating manual and expect to win. Jazz musicians adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, thrive on ambiguity and essentially innovate in real time. Developing these skills is critical for business leaders today in order to drive their organizations forward in these challenging times.

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