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Resilience Unleashed: Mastering Adversity

Meridith Alexander

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Elevate your event with Meridith Alexander, a renowned keynote speaker, and empower your team with her transformative insights into resilience and leadership.

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Supercharge your event with Meridith Alexander's dynamic keynotes! Elevate teams with her transformative insights into resilience, leadership, and innovation.

Why you should book Meridith Alexander for your next event

  • Resilience Mastery: Elevate your team’s ability to overcome challenges with Meridith’s proven strategies for resilience, ensuring a steadfast and adaptable workforce.
  • Mindset Transformation: Foster a fearless mindset for sustained peak performance, with Meridith actively reshaping attitudes and beliefs to drive positive change.
  • Personal Triumph Over Adversity: Learn from real-life resilience in the face of challenges, as Meridith’s personal journey adds authenticity to her insights, providing practical tools for facing adversity.

Meridith Alexander, an accomplished keynote speaker, draws from a rich background that combines academic exploration and real-world challenges. Starting with studies at Georgetown University, she immersed herself in ancient philosophy and global religions. Later, Meridith embraced the wisdom of martial arts, specifically aikido and tai chi.

In 2016, Meridith faced a profound personal challenge when her daughter experienced a life-altering incident. This moment became a turning point, leading her to apply the very strategies she advocates in her keynotes. It highlighted the real-life authenticity of her teachings.

Meridith’s keynotes are a blend of ancient wisdom and practical strategies. As a speaker, she empowers organizations to handle change, build resilience, and foster a confident mindset within their teams. Her stories, grounded in personal experiences, ensure audiences not only listen but actively engage with her transformative insights.

For organizations seeking a partner in growth, Meridith Alexander delivers. Her keynotes go beyond the usual, offering a clear path to success in today’s fast-paced business world. With international recognition, martial arts expertise, and a commitment to holistic growth, Meridith is a catalyst for positive change, inspiring excellence and resilience in organizations.

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Keynote by speaker Meridith Alexander

Unleash The Epic You

Epic Mindset, Epic Results: Supercharge Your Inner Game

Genuine mental resilience and boundless potential find their roots within. And epic results demand a team that knows how to play the inner game to win. Meridith Alexander’s enthralling keynote experience, “Epic Mindset, Epic Results: Supercharge Your Inner Game,” ushers your participants into a fresh paradigm of collaboration, achievement and meaning. Obstacles that once seemed insurmountable are now revealed as sources of strength and capability.

In a world where challenges and unpredictability often leave teams grappling with high levels of stress and resilience fatigue, there is a potent call to cultivate an inner game that not only survives but thrives.

The essence of success—whether in personal growth or leadership impact—begins with the one resource that cannot be automated, delegated or eliminated: our own minds. And before we can effectively lead others, we must become leaders of the world within.

Guided through the riveting narrative that springs from Meridith’s personal journey—marked by receiving “the call” about her daughter crushed by a boulder—participants will find themselves not only captivated but also profoundly educated. Each twist and turn of the story unfurls strategy after strategy, unveiling how to elevate their inner game in the face of seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

Dive deep into the core principles that supercharge your inner game:

Key learning points include:

  •  Language: The Catalyst of Performance: Witness how seemingly simple language tweaks can trigger optimal performance and propel groundbreaking results.
  •  Inner Game Mastery: Beyond mere positive thinking, discover how to play your inner game to win, transcending fears and limitations.
  •  Pushing Beyond Boundaries: Learn how to surge beyond the self-imposed boundaries of fear and beliefs, tapping into your latent potential.
  •  Deliberate Focus in Change: Transform disruption, change, and unpredictability into catalysts for opportunity, guided by deliberate focus.
  •  Transformation: Impact, Influence, Income: Uncover the art of transmuting turbulent times into avenues of impact, influence, and income, all while preserving your team’s well-being.
  •  Kryptonite or Superpower: Why “impossible times” can offer limitless growth and opportunity
Keynote by speaker Meridith Alexander

Fear-Less Impact

Fearless Teams, Epic Results: Unleashing Influence, Impact, and Income

Can fear actually become our superpower? In today’s ever-changing landscape, where unpredictability and challenges abound, the question arises:

How can we consistently rise above the circumstances and perform at our highest level, regardless of the obstacles before us?

How can we unlock untapped potential within ourselves and drive toward extraordinary levels of success?

And how do we foster a sense of unity, culture, and camaraderie in a remote work environment?

Enter “Fearless Teams, Epic Results: Unleashing Influence, Impact, and Income,” a captivating and visionary keynote experience led by Meridith Alexander. Drawing from her own remarkable journey of facing the seemingly “impossible,” Meridith combines her real-life story with actionable strategies to unearth your audience’s own visionary potential, fostering a culture of “epic-ness”, passion, and impact within your teams—even in the realm of remote work and innovation.

In a world where mere grit and resilience sometimes fall short, Meridith invites attendees to shift their perspective on challenges, urging them to delve deeper within themselves to uncover an epic version that may have remained hidden. With an inspiring blend of authenticity and proven methods, she transforms the way both team members and leaders confront their metaphorical “boulders.”

This keynote takes your audiences on a transformative journey from resisting change and unpredictability to recognizing the immense potential for growth within these moments. Meridith shares tangible examples and proven strategies that illuminate how these very challenges can amplify their ability to drive change, enabling them to create a deliberate, positive vision that embraces individual value and purpose within a larger mission.

Prepare for an experience that rejuvenates the spirit, resulting in a bolder presence both in professional and personal realms. By intertwining her own incredible narrative with innovative tools and strategies, Meridith Alexander empowers teams and leaders to consistently operate at peak performance—both in person and remotely.

It is an experience of “coming even more alive to the possibilities ahead” that results in a culture where those big boulders often lead toward discovering exciting “I’m Possibilities” that will become the next generation’s “new normal”.Key Learning Points

  • Harnessing Boulders for Success: Learn how to tap into the potential of your most significant “boulders” to fuel success, even when working remotely.
  • Embracing Disruption as Fuel: Explore how disruption and unfamiliarity can serve as rocket fuel, propelling you and your organization toward unprecedented success.
  • The Power of Visionary Thinking: Discover how cultivating visionary thinking generates unstoppable momentum and propels you beyond the boundaries of mere resilience.
  • Actionable Strategies for Forward Momentum: Uncover practical strategies to achieve greater forward momentum within your team, regardless of external circumstances or physical proximity.
  • Transforming Team Management: Understand why the traditional approach to managing teams can hinder progress and how to revitalize it into a forward-focused, energized trend.
Keynote by speaker Meridith Alexander

Limitless I'm Possibilities

Meridith and Schuyler: Redefining Resilience and Mindfulness in a Bold, New World

LIMTLESS I’M POSSIBILITIES combines the already EPIC IMPACT of Meridith Alexander’s UNLEASH THE EPIC YOU keynote with a live appearance from Meridith’s daughter Schuyler.

Meridith’s keynote already captivates the listener both with the story and with the strategies so imagine the impact when Schuyler herself comes on stage (using either walker or wheelchair) as the embodiment of pure grit, resilience and the epitome of joyous mindfulness.

Schuyler shares her own message of inspiration and possibility before Meridith and Schuyler open the floor to questions from your leaders and team members.

This is the perfect talk for companies, associations and organizations that are facing change, uncertainty and challenges with morale. There is no better way to push the reset button and get your team firmly and fiercely on a unified trajectory upward.

Keynote by speaker Meridith Alexander

Emerging Boulder


How can we leaders emerge from times of challenge as even better versions of ourselves? How do we nurture and amplify the greatness, resilience and impact within our teams?

This keynote explores how learning to master 3 of the critical components of G.R.I.T. can transform your biggest obstacles into unforeseen opportunities even in the face of change and unpredictability.

Meridith’s innovative message inspires audiences to look at their own goals from a new perspective. Using innovative strategies and perspectives, she leaves audiences with tools to get out of their own way so that they can go forward united with even more passion, clarity and vision. Perhaps to go on to achieve results that might previously have seemed impossible.

In this inspirational and empowering keynote experience, Meridith shares the impact that a deliberately focused mindset has had on her own journey– a journey that began when a random boulder came plummeting down a mountain in South America, injuring her youngest daughter so severely that she was not expected to live.

Through the twists and turns of this inspiring story, the audience sees how Meridith’s unwavering vision and focus on the “I’m Possible” seemed to influence the results — even when the desired outcome was something that most believed to be impossible.

Combining her own experiences with case studies through the decades, Meridith helps her audiences learn new techniques for overcoming the limitations and conditioning that often lead to fear, self-doubt and “thinking small”.

The outcome of Meridith’s keynote will be an audience that feels a dramatically boosted sense of momentum and positivity with an eagerness to embrace the “I’m Possible” and create thriving new breakthroughs even in the presence of dramatic change, personal challenge and uncertainty.

Key Learning Points

  •  Discover the keys to creating a mindset that thrives in the midst of change and unpredictability by regulating your fear, focus and communication
  •  Learn new techniques for setting powerful goals, tapping into overlooked possibilities and performing at your highest level
  •  Understand how the hidden language of your inner narrative can be the catalyst for you and your associates’ consistent success
  •  Pull back the curtain on the “blind spot thinking” that prevents most people from transforming the “impossible” into the “I’m Possible”
  •  Learn the 3 questions that differentiate great leaders from epic ones
Keynote by speaker Meridith Alexander

Embrace Your Boulder

Optimizing Your Greatness and Resilience For a Quantum World

Those who will succeed in the new quantum economy are those who learn to thrive in the midst of constant change and unpredictability.

This high octane keynote delivers a deep dive into our reaction both as an individual and as a culture to challenge and change. How can we create and sustain important momentum when our lives seem consistently impacted by boulders beyond our control?

How do we adapt and remain agile when the definition of success appears to be changing?

How can we maintain a realistic expectation of success when we are faced with the daunting unknown? How can we continue to perform professionally in a time when our personal lives are plagued with chaos?

In a style that is both captivating and motivational, Meridith begins her keynote by treating the audience to a powerful look at her own story — a story that began with the catastrophic blow of a boulder that nearly killed her 22-year-old daughter.

Her daughter survived but the damage to her balance has left Meridith in the role of being her daughter’s 24/7 primary caregiver. In spite of the obvious challenges, Meridith tapped into her decades of personal development training to transform this tragedy into a triumph of human potential that has already impacted thousands.

Audiences emerge with a powerful new perspective on their own stories both personally and as a team. They learn not only how to cultivate their own greatness and resilience but how to champion even more greatness from within their colleagues.

This impactful keynote leaves attendees energized with actionable strategies and innovative new ideas that can be immediately implemented to build a more purpose-driven team culture and to drive higher profitability with higher productivity and legacy-level results.

Key Learning Points

  •  Explore change as a powerful positive catalyst to creativity, innovation and growth
  •  Discover how to identify and navigate beyond the stories that keep you playing small
  •  Learn how to accelerate your influence, impact and income by driving and embracing change
  •  Understand how other top achievers have thrived in the face of massive unpredictability and change
  •  Gain new strategies and immediately actionable insights that can ignite renewed enthusiasm, focus and purpose for you and your team personally AND professionally
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