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Unstoppable Resilience Expert

Amberly Lago

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Empower Your Team: Keynote speaker Amberly Lago brings unstoppable resilience and business growth strategies to elevate your organization.

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Elevate your event with Amberly Lago, a captivating keynote speaker who inspires lasting transformation. Ignite your team's grit and resilience, propelling them towards remarkable success. Discover actionable strategies for unstoppable growth and guide your organization through challenges with grace.

Why you should book Amberly Lago for your next event

  • Unleash Resilience: Amberly Lago’s keynotes empower your team with practical resilience-building tools, enabling them to tackle challenges head-on.
  • Growth Mindset Mastery: Gain insights into fostering a growth mindset that drives innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement within your organization.
  • Global Speaker: Benefit from her experience sharing stages with bestselling authors, thought leaders, and influencers, bringing unparalleled insights to your event.

Imagine having a guide when your team faces tough challenges. Amberly Lago, a motivational speaker, can be that guide for your organization.

Amberly Lago’s talks are like a roadmap for navigating today’s business world. Her story of overcoming difficulties connects with real-life situations, showing your team how to tackle obstacles and keep moving ahead. She equips your team with tools for toughness, adaptability, and determination, turning challenges into stepping stones toward success.

Choosing Amberly Lago for your event is a smart decision. She’s a top motivational speaker, and her story has been featured in Forbes and USA Today. When you bring her to your event, she’ll motivate your team to collaborate, grow, and seize opportunities.

Amberly Lago truly makes an impact. She’s known internationally and even recognized by Apple for her podcast “True Grit and Grace.” Her talks reach beyond borders, offering practical ideas for your audience. When you select Amberly Lago, you’re getting an expert speaker who connects meaningfully with people.

Boost your team’s determination and success. Get Amberly Lago to your event and provide your team with practical tools for tackling any challenge. Book Amberly Lago now for a transformative talk that will empower your team to reach new heights.

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Keynote by speaker Amberly Lago

Unleash Resilience: Transform Challenges into Triumph

Struggling to overcome challenges and build lasting resilience? Amberly Lago’s transformative keynotes hold the solution. With practical strategies, she empowers your team to conquer setbacks and thrive. Unleash untapped potential, foster a growth mindset, and navigate change with confidence. Amberly’s proven insights lead to unstoppable success.

Keynote Topics:

  • True Grit and Grace: Unleash Your Superpower and Thrive
  • Building Bridges of Resilience: Navigating Life’s Challenges with Grit and Grace
  • True Resilience: Master Your Mindset and Triumph Through Change
  • The Power of HOPE: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Conquering Your Fears
  • P.A.C.E.R. The 5 Part Method to Master Adversity and Thrive Through Pain
Watch Amberly Lago in action

Amberly Lago Speaker's Reel--Claim Your Resilience

Watch Amberly Lago in action

The Pace of Pain | Amberly Lago | TEDxBerkeley

See keynotes with Amberly Lago


Amberly Lago spoke to our Plexus Worldwide Ambassador Book Club after we read her book, “True Grit and Grace”. We were all inspired and motivated by her resilience and bravery in her life. Amberly and her team were also very helpful and easy to work with in booking the event. Thank you Amberly for your story and inspiration. Everyone would benefit from hearing your story.

Christine Hobbi

Plexus Ambassador Sales and Training

You were voted top speaker at our annual conference!

Jim Broatch


A million thank you’s! Thank you for bringing your story to Dress for Success. Thank you for giving the new members of the Professional Women’s Group the opportunity to feel hope, pride, and determination. There were tears and there was laughter. I saw the beginnings of trust and camaraderie that will lead to a strong network of support as the group evolves. Thank you for setting precisely the right tone for our year-long program of workshops. Thank you for giving so much of yourself and so passionately supporting the mission of Dress for Success.

Faye Taragon

Director, LA Dress for Success

Amberly’s talk made this the best Provisors meeting yet! I was moved to tears and definitely inspired.

Dita Shemke

EMBA Shemke-Dixon Wealth Advisory Group

You are an authentic hero, and it amazes me you can be humble in the light of your luminous accomplishments. I have received calls from other members of the group who wanted to discuss with me how they might change the way they live their lives in light of your message of focused endurance, belief in self, and the willingness to endure great pain and fight through incredible obstacles to achieve a life worth living. I cannot thank you enough. I am a big fan.

Mike Altman

Simon, Altman & Kabaker

Being alone and not finding work, I had had enough. The thoughts came to my head to end my life but I heard your voice in my head saying…”Don’t give up!” Your constant motivation and words of encouragement saved my life!

T. Tyson

What a beautiful testament to the triumph of your dedication, perseverance, personal resilience, and strong fortitude. It was such a pleasure to meet you today and I thank you for speaking to our group. Your talk was inspirational! Your speaking was wonderful. Your ability to weave humor into a very serious topic without minimizing the profound difficulty was beautiful. Your accent is a great bonus!

Sarah Maria Dreisbach

Esq. SSSS Legal and Consulting Services
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