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Pioneering AI Integration

Jeremy Prasetyo

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AI Strategy for Success: Jeremy Prasetyo's insights guide organizations in leveraging AI for competitive advantage.

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Experience success amplified with Jeremy Prasetyo, a visionary keynote speaker. Elevate your business through expert insights from a world champion athlete turned tech influencer. Uncover the power of AI strategy, innovation, and leadership. Book Jeremy now for a future-focused edge.

Why you should book Jeremy Prasetyo for your next event

  • Strategic AI Integration: Elevate your business with Jeremy Prasetyo’s keynotes, gaining actionable strategies to seamlessly integrate AI for growth.
  • Innovative Leadership: Uncover dynamic leadership approaches from a former executive, empowering your team to navigate emerging tech landscapes.
  • Renowned Thought Leader: Leverage Jeremy’s global influence and expertise to align your organization with cutting-edge AI trends and insights.

Jeremy Prasetyo is more than a motivational speaker – he’s a dynamic thought leader with a unique perspective. With over 15 years of experience on global stages, Jeremy blends his diverse background as a world champion athlete, former corporate executive, and business owner into a multi-dimensional approach.

As a keynote speaker, Jeremy Prasetyo brings his expertise in AI strategy and emerging technologies to the forefront. His engaging talks, crafted for each event, simplify complex concepts into actionable insights. Sharing the stage with tech luminaries like Steve Wozniak showcases his influential role in shaping the future.

What sets Jeremy apart is his knack for driving change. He inspires audiences to embrace technological advancements, capitalize on competitive advantages, and steer organizational transformation. His customized, relevant approach ensures each talk exceeds expectations, leaving lasting impressions that spark conversations long after the event.

Jeremy’s accomplishments speak volumes – from collaborating with renowned global brands to guiding organizations through the intricacies of AI integration. His commitment to enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age is evident in every engagement.

When you book Jeremy Prasetyo for your event, you’re investing in more than just a speaker – you’re securing a partner in your journey towards innovation. With his insights, your team will be equipped to navigate the future landscape with confidence, armed with strategies to embrace change and drive success. Elevate your event, inspire your audience, and lead the way into a technologically empowered future by booking Jeremy Prasetyo as your keynote speaker.

See keynotes with Jeremy Prasetyo
Keynote by speaker Jeremy Prasetyo

The AI Revolution: How to Harness the Power of AI to Transform Your Industry

For business leaders seeking to leverage AI to gain a strategic advantage. Focuses on real-world examples and an action plan for implementing AI.

Keynote by speaker Jeremy Prasetyo

Demystifying AI - A Leader's Guide to Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Provides a clear overview of AI/ML concepts tailored for executives/managers. Focuses on busting myths, clarifying capabilities, limitations and real-world applications.

Keynote by speaker Jeremy Prasetyo

AI and the Future of Your Workforce - Skills and Roles for the AI-Driven Organization

Examines how AI will automate tasks vs. augment human capabilities. Offers guidance on workforce planning, reskilling, and job redesign.

Keynote by speaker Jeremy Prasetyo

Perform at the Peak: Secrets of the World's Best for Unlocking Your Limitless Potential

For those aiming to maximize their impact and performance of their team. Draws on elite sports training to provide science-backed techniques to unleash potential.

Keynote by speaker Jeremy Prasetyo

The Future of Selling - How to Attract Customers Who Chase You

For sales audiences. Focuses on strategies to build authority and leverage inbound and content-based approaches to attract qualified, ready-to-buy customers. Provides tactics to position your company as a highly sought after industry leader who customers actively court and engage.

Keynote by speaker Jeremy Prasetyo

The Leader's Guide to Exponential Innovation

For executives and innovation leaders. Reveals inside strategies for rapidly prototyping new ideas, accelerating R&D, and embedding innovation into culture.

Keynote by speaker Jeremy Prasetyo

Digital Disruption: How to Become a Market Disruptor

For entrepreneurs and business leaders. Focuses on growth strategies and agile leadership required to disrupt markets and dominate niches.

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See keynotes with Jeremy Prasetyo
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