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Nick Jankel

Leadership Futurist & Thought Leader
Country: UK

Since the age of 24, speaker Nick Jankel has been an entrepreneur and is now a sought-after speaker and thought leader. He takes a more scientific approach to leadership and is also an award-winning scientist. Nick develops practical tools and original ideas that will help all leaders.

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Speaker Nick Jankel has advised leaders and organizations around the world like BBC, Nike and HSBC. He is a sought-after speaker and advisor and his method is practical, innovative and original. Nick is also the author of several books including best-seller Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive with the New Science & Spirit of Breakthrough.

Nick has delivered lectures at Yale and Oxford and is regularly featured in the media for his advanced and innovative approach to leadership and corporate culture called The Switch On Way, which combines theory and methods from neurobiology, psychology and behavioral science.

As a speaker Nick Jankel is inspiring and informative. He leaves his audience with take-home practical tools and encourages them to challenge and control Artificial Intelligence and blockchain and up their game. Nick likes to customize his keynotes with specific advice, stories and tools. Below are examples of his keynote topics.

    Speaker Nick Jankel on the future of work




    Keynote by Speaker Nick Jankel

    Transformative Leadership in the VUCA World

    • Rapid change, uncertainty and complexity are driving industrial-age companies to fail.
    • In this keynote, Nick Jankel explains how leaders can master themselves so they can turn constant change into exponential value.
    • The audience will learn more about how to transform processes, products and people.


    Keynote by Speaker Nick Jankel

    Digital Transformation & Corporate Culture Change

    • Digital age technologies and the 4th Industrial Revolution are forcing all organizations to transform inside. Yet over 65% of all change programs fail.
    • In this motivating keynote, Nick explains how to leverage emotions, mindsets and behavior to land digital transformation.
    • Audiences will understand corporate culture and how to master change and transform from the inside.

    Keynote by Speaker Nick Jankel

    Systemic Leadership & Futuring

    • The future exists in the present – as long as we know how to spot it and leverage it.
    • Nick Jankel shows audiences how to use futuring tools to find where their value lies in the future – so we can lead transformations in our systems that deliver exponential value in the present.

    Keynote by Speaker Nick Jankel

    Resilience & Self-Mastery

    • Overwhelmed employees and stress is crushing the potential of even the greatest companies to do Business-As-Usual let alone be agile, adaptable and creative.
    • In this honest keynote, speaker Nick Jankel explains how employees can master their own biology, time, energy and performance and build deep resilience that will minimize stress and increase happiness and productivity at work.
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