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Michael J. Gelb

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Global thinker, author and consultant on applying genius thinking as a part of personal and organizational development

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Keynote speaker Michael J. Gelb is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. He is the author of 14 successful books and brings more than 30 years of experience as a professional speaker, seminar leader and organizational consultant to his diverse, international clientele.

Keynote speaker Michael J. Gelb is a luminary in the field of personal and organizational development. He is a pioneer of creative thinking. He has written 16 books on creativity and innovation including the international bestseller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day, which has been translated into 25 languages and his most recent is The Healing Organization: Awakening the Conscience of Business to Help Save the World.

One of his later books, Innovate Like Edison: The Five Step System for Breakthrough Business Success, co-authored with Sarah Miller Caldicott, the great grand niece of Thomas Edison, not only gives instruction for everyday life but also points out how creativity can be turned into profitable reality.

Apart from his books Michael J. Gelb has also created many best selling audio programs, including: Mind Mapping: How to Liberate Your Natural Genius, Work Like Da Vinci: Gaining the Creative Advantage in Your Business and Career and The Spirit of Leonardo.

In 1999 awarded with the “Brain of the Year” award, talented speaker Michael J. Gelb stands in a row with other honorees including  Prof. Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Garry Kasparov and Gene Rodenberry. A former professional juggler who once performed with the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, Michael Gelb introduced the idea of teaching juggling as a means to promote accelerated learning and team-building.

Our speaker Michael J. Gelb wants to empower his audience because he thinks everybody has the power to achieve what he or she wants. The message he gives to his audience encourages people to take action. He can guide his attendees in body language, communication strategies, creative thinking, innovative ideas and team building.

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    Keynote by Speaker Michael J. Gelb

    How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci

    Thinking creatively, learning faster and leading change, these abilities are at a premium in a highly competitive global business environment. What if you could call on history’s greatest genius, Leonardo da Vinci, to be your personal mentor in cultivating these highly prized elements of human capital? Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) helped bring the Western world out of the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance.

    The da Vinci principles are:

    • Curiosità – An insatiable quest for knowledge and continuous improvement
    • Dimostrazione – Learning from experience
    • Sensazione – Sharpening the senses
    • Sfumato – Managing ambiguity and change
    • Arte/Scienza – Whole-brain thinking
    • Corporalità – Body-mind fitness
    • Connessione – Systems thinking

    This dynamic, highly-interactive program brings da Vinci’s genius to life through fascinating biographical and historical information, setting the stage for an introduction to seven principles for thinking “a la Leonardo.” Participants are then guided to apply the principles, through a proven series of practical exercises, to your organization’s greatest challenges.


    Keynote by Speaker Michael J. Gelb

    Creativity on Demand
    How to ignite and sustain the fire of genius

    • This program guides participants to generate and express creative energy using simple, elegant, evidence-based methods.  These techniques, based on ancient wisdom and validated by contemporary science, are combined with an understanding of how to adopt a creative mindset and apply the most potent methods of the creative process. The result is a unique, energizing and transformational program.
    • Topics include: Creativity Self-Assessment, Cultivating a Creative Mindset, The 5 Phases of the Creative Process, Understanding Creative Energy, 3 Practical Methods to Raise Creative Energy, Application to Participant’s Greatest Creative Challenge.


    Keynote by Speaker Michael J. Gelb

    Executive presence and high performance presentations

    • Based on a synthesis of The Alexander Technique (the method for developing stage presence taught at The Julliard School), centering and movement exercises drawn from the martial arts, and thirty years of world-class professional presentation experience, this program offers a unique opportunity to cultivate powerful influence skills.


    Keynote by Speaker Michael J. Gelb

    Mastering strategic thinking

    • This unique and unforgettable program is based on the best selling book Samurai Chess: Mastering Strategic Thinking Through the Martial Art of the Mind by speaker Michael J. Gelb and Grandmaster Raymond Keene,O.B.E., 14 times British Champion and Chess columnist of the London Times and International Herald Tribune. The program begins with an overview of the history of chess and the development of the Samurai tradition. Drawing from this historical context, participants will be introduced to the seven Samurai principles of strategy and their relationship to chess, business, and life.
    • The program highlight is a simultaneous chess display (against up to 100 participants) by Grandmaster Keene. Grandmaster Keene will then review, by memory, any participant’s game, and offer an analysis in terms of the Samurai principles. The program concludes with an in-depth discussion of the implications of these strategic principles for the development of intellectual capital in your organization.
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