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Steve Cunningham

Country: UK

Keynote speaker Steve Cunningham lost his sight at age 12. Instead of letting his world fall apart he decided to aim higher and break through any barriers that came in his way. Steve has achieved world records, has led his English blind football team to World Cup and manages to inspires thousands of people across the country. Steve Cunningham delivers presentations designed to make people positive, develop goals, and overcome adversity.

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The Early Years

Steve has always been very fond of sports and fast cars, boats and planes. A budding footballer, he dreamed of the day that he would captain his beloved team, Aston Villa, and then England at the World Cup.

But at the age of 12 his world soon grew cloudy, and then disappeared. Confused and very lonely, Steve found himself totally, and irreversibly, blind.

But Steve is a remarkable person who doesn’t let anyone or anything slow him down. Offered the chance of selling matches on street corners, he took another path, and has spent his life breaking every barrier that stood in his way.

Breaking Barriers

A world junior sprinter, Steve went on to play for the England Blind Cricket team. He trained with Aston Villa, then fulfilled his lifelong ambition by leading his English blind football team to the World Cup.

Steve then set himself an bold challenge: to become the fastest blind man on the planet. He powered to world speed records on land and sea, then took to the air and found international media fame as the world’s first blind pilot. Steve’s one handicap in life is golf …he plays off 24.

The Inspiration

Torday Steve captivates audiences at schools and businesses around the UK, inspiring and motivating people of all ages and in all walks of life. His deeply-moving story takes audiences on his journey from despair to success. His core message is that barriers exist to be broken and anyone can do that. He emphasizes that the path to true success is in your mind, and not your ability or environment.

A witty, humorous, entertaining and painfully-honest speaker, he makes people laugh and cry. A genuine man, Steve sees no disability in his total blindness, but takes pride in sharing true vision, which many people with sight fail to recognise.

Working with business, individuals and schools

KPMG, Chrysler, Michelin, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and EDF Energy are some of the organizations who have experienced and been blown away by his presentations, his passion, enterprise and conviction.

Feedback from Orange, Coop, Rolls Royce, Sony, Pfizer, and many more is unanimous that Steve has instigated an overwhelming and long-lasting positive change in the audiences. He has changed the mindset of thousands through more intimate events, such as chamber events, trade conferences and award ceremonies. Steve also does work with leading sporting bodies, such as the ERU, the ECB,Wasps RFC and Bolton Wanderers FC to inspire real teamwork.

Individuals, such as Sir Clive Woodward, David Beckham, Jim Davidson, Bob Monkhouse, Stephen Fry and Sir Bobby Robson have all offered their glowing testimony.

Steve also frequents schools across the UK to help children of all ages understand disability and the importance of a positive mental attitude.

Steve remains a passionate fundraiser for the visually-impaired charities and the proud father of two beautiful daughters.

    Keynote by Speaker Steve Cunningham

    • Steve is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker, and clients return time after time because he captivates an audience like no other.
    • Witty, humorous, entertaining and painfully-honest, he makes after-dinner audiences laugh and cry. He also ensures that they’ll remember your event for years to come.
    • A genuine man, Steve sees no disability in his total lack of sight, but takes pride in sharing the vision, which many sighted fail to recognize, leaving members of every audience motivated and inspired to achieve his or her potential.
    • As a keynote speaker, Steve tailors each presentation to the needs of the client. So if you want your audience to really hear a corporate message, understand it, and be inspired to act upon it, then Steve is your man.
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