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Amelia Rose Earhart

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Come fly with Amelia… Create your flight plan with motivational speaker and youngest woman to fly around the world

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Private pilot and keynote speaker Amelia Rose Earhart has inspired multiple Fortune 500 company leaders with her engaging and powerful presentations about motivation, courage and reaching your final destination. Let Amelia take you on a journey and create your own personal flight plan to reach success!

Why you should book speaker Amelia Rose Earhart

  • Amelia is no ordinary pilot or keynote speaker. She followed the steps of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart, and fly around the world in a single engine aircraft. She has since inspired several young women to follow their dreams and was named in the “Top Ten Young Americans” by the Jaycees in 2014.
  • Amelia has done public speaking for the last 8 years as a television news anchor and as a keynote speaker. She is professional with an engaging presence on stage.

Keynote speaker Amelia Rose Earhart was named after the famous aviation pioneer Amelia Mary Earhart, and at the age of 21 she took her first flying lesson. Today, she is an acclaimed around the world pilot, and it’s not because of her famous name. Amelia represents courage, determination and inspiration to reach your destination and never let turbulence stop you.

Amelia manages to tell her incredible story in a relatable way and translates the world of flying to personal struggles or professional challenges that we all face at one point or another. Flying is really about trust, embracing a change of direction, overcoming obstacles, overcoming self-doubt and being clear in your destination. With Amelia Rose Earhart as your speaker, you’re guaranteed an entertaining, inspiring and unique event.

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    Keynote by speaker Amelia Rose Earhart

    Learning to Love the Turbulence: Creating a Flight Plan to Clear Any Goal for Takeoff

    • In this keynote, Amelia teaches her audience to love and embrace turbulence and obstacles. When we set our minds toward any big goal, we imagine creating our plan and executing it to completion. We prepare to soar from Point A to Point B gracefully but reality hits us and we’re left defeated and maybe even hopeless.
    • Learn how to become the pilot of your own life with this flight-based leadership training. You will learn how to create a personal flight log tailored toward your own personal and professional goals, filled with eight weeks of content to propel your journey.
    • This keynote is perfect for any audience looking to advance their career and reach their goals.

    Keynote by speaker Amelia Rose Earhart

    How a Strategic Flight Plan Can Get You and Your Team to Your Final Destination

    • Some of the best ideas are never fulfilled because the destination is unclear and the journey is not mapped. In this keynote, Amelia Rose Earhart helps attendees reach their destination from take-off to landing. Using the strategies she used to fly around the world, Amelia’s content is both inspiring and thought provoking.
    • The audience will learn how to overcome self doubt and create a successful flight plan. Amelia shares the same fundamentals she used on her flight, which are just as needed for business success. This keynote is suitable for anyone working with leadership, strategy or teams.
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