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Tessa Todd Morgan

Mindfulness and Yoga Expert, Personal Growth Coach
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Tessa Todd Morgan is an expert in Mindfulness, a certified yoga instructor, a personal growth coach and accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence. Tessa has coaches audiences to achieve a balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

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Tessa Todd Morgan has been working within the professional speaking industry since 2003, she speaks, trains and provides professional consulting services. Bringing various techniques from Yoga and Mindfulness to help counteract stressful corporate environments and coach contributors to become leaders and get the best out of themselves.

Tessa has always been fascinated with the tension between personal, internal motivations and the external pressures of achieving success and maximizing productivity. She studied at San Diego State University and the University of Texas at Dallas reading Criminal Justice and Business Management, determined to find out how the nature of human fallibility and the rigors of a demanding professional life might coincide peacefully. Following her degree, Tessa then completed a three-year leadership development program at the Center for Authentic Leadership where she received her coaching training and worked entrepreneurs from across the world.

Through her programs, Tessa leads people to recognize the invisible barriers between them and their goals, and helps coach and guide them to develop strategies for achieving those goals by recognizing and neutralizing various forms of stress. In conjunction with this, Tessa is accredited in Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership from the Institute for Health and Human Potential.

Tessa also teaches yoga and adapts her courses so audiences can learn techniques that can be used to increase productivity and reduce stress.

    Speaker Tessa Todd Morgan Keynote Topics

    Find Your Triessence

    A three part, personal growth plan for leaders or individual contributors. Personal growth, empowerment and the ability to live up to our full potential are all things we desire for ourselves. However the barriers to that potential are often self-created, this program is designed to give attendees the ability to recognize and eliminate both active and passive self-sabotage and find the path towards their desires and passions.

    Through the use of specific, mindful tactics, attendees will learn how to:

    • Recognize and eliminate instance of self-sabotage.
    • Identify relationships, behaviors and belief that are not serving attendees well.
    • Embrace leadership in all walks of life, professionally, as a spouse, parent or friend.
    • Use simple techniques to reduce stress at the office or at home.
    • Apply emotional intelligence to better manage themselves in everyday triggering situations.


    Daily Reset Break

    We all need to take Daily Reset Break, in this presentation Tessa Todd Morgan goes in the details of how to help you be less stressed and more productive!

    Some of the Takeaways from Daily Reset Break:

    • Use the SOSS Method when triggered – Stop, Oxygenate, Strengthen Appreciation & Seek Information.
    • Take short breaks throughout the day!
    • Challenge yourself mentally for growth. Perhaps finding a coach or mentor who can help you see your blindspots and areas where you sabotage your greatness so you can be the best version of YOU.
    • Practice mindfulness, be present and DO THE RIGHT THINGS! Learn to say no or ask for help, when needed!
    • Find your own perfect personal balance – Pace Yourself and don’t to do it all at once! Learn and practice your new decisions daily until they become part of you and then go back and do the same with something else you’d like to add to your life. Set small realistic and achievable action steps towards your goal. Find an accountability partner to help encourage each other to keep going, and most of all, don’t forget to have fun & breathe.
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