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Steve Siebold

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Mental toughness trainer, author and CEO helping organizations increase sales and manage change with great success

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Speaker Steve Siebold is a change agent and renowned mental toughness trainer with a humorous and engaging speaking style. He brings a fun atmosphere to corporate cultures, allowing clients to cut through psychological delusions and make necessary changes.

Keynote speaker Steve Siebold, CSP, trains sales teams to increase sales – with great success! He also trains sales management teams to develop people and manage change through his signature Mental Toughness Training. Renowned as an expert on this topic, Steve is the author of 8 books on Mental Toughness Training. On top of this, his work has been featured on every major television network North America and his interviews and articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, USA Today and publications around the world.

Formerly a professional tennis player and national coach, Siebold’s sports clients include superstars such as Andre Agassi, the Boston Celtics, Florida Marlins and Ohio State University.
In 1997, Siebold began working with Fortune 500 sales teams, and has helped companies like Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, TransAmerica and Yamanouchi increase sales by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Steve has been writing and speaking on the topic of Mental Toughness and overcoming Approval Addiction for over 2 decades​. Book Steve for a fun talk which will build your mental toughness. This topic is ideal for sales teams, sports teams, managers and more!

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    Format: ​45-60 minute keynote, 6 hour one day program

    As the CEO of Siebold Success Network, Steve oversees a team of over one hundred inside and outside sales people. This gives him unique insights on how to build a mentally tough sales team.
    Drawing on his knowledge of sales teams and expertise in mental toughness, Steve trains sales professionals to achieve! Get enrolled in Steve’s Mental Toughness University. It will be a one-time investment for long-term results!


    • Dramatic increases in sales. Management teams benefit by learning how to coach the mental toughness process and implementing it into their daily routine. Managers often adopt new and additional criteria for hiring after completing the process. Employee retention rates are positively impacted due to the personal benefits gained during the training.
    • Both professional and personal results. The process helps managers in developing their people for promotion, and also gives them psychological tools to help them thrive in a permanent white-water environment.
    • Since most research shows that an employee’s job is not the most important aspect of his or her life, the ongoing personal benefits of this process tends to raise the switching cost of an employee moving to another company.
    • Better customer service from their teams as a result of their new level of focus on the customer.


    Format: ​45-60 minutes keynote, one day 6 hour program

    Are you living life how you want to live it? Or are you living life for other people?
    An essential step to achieving mental toughness is defeating approval addiction! Once you’ve overcome this, you will be free to make ground-breaking changes in your personal and professional life.


    • How to cure Approval Addiction and how it can catapult your results
    • The personal/professional cost of Approval Addiction
    • How to coach and motivate people to overcome Approval Addiction
    • How to help others, for example your kids or grandkids, avoid Approval Addiction
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