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Alex McElroy

Leadership advisor & purpose-driven speaker
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Alex McElroy has found his purpose in life and now he helps others find theirs. He is an international speaker, blogger, advisor, author and the Pastor of Education at New Life Covenant Southeast Church. However, he also works with leadership and purpose in the business world, where he has helped numerous organizations discover their purpose and find their path in life.

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Today, Alex McElroy is a successful speaker with a purpose, drive and passion for helping and teaching. However, he himself was once lost, when he as a young child lost his father and later found himself as an angry, depressed and financially unstable young adult. He turned to God and has since learned the Word of God and has devoted his time to apologetics and practicing discipleship in church and in his business life. Alex has trained many teachers and ministers to deliver lessons in Biblical study and proper lifestyle. He also does one-on-one training with teens and adults on the principles of the Kingdom of God, the Word of God and how to live the life we were meant to live.

Alex McElroy has a passion for helping businesses and leaders discover and find their purpose. He believes that we all have a specific purpose and something we were designed to do, and he strives to help people and organizations find theirs. Too many people live their life feeling like they have no purpose. These are the people who need Alex! Alex is very knowledgeable on the subject and gives his audience immediate take-home tools so they can stop wasting their time and start living. His inspiring keynotes will leave the audience with a new-found energy and passion.

    Keynote by Speaker Alex McElroy


    • Discover your destined life and passion
    • Stop living a life drained of any excitement
    • Everyone is born on purpose with a purpose
    • Be the answer to someone’s problem – personally or professionally 

    Keynote by Speaker Alex McElroy


    • Listen, learn and then lead
    • What makes a great leader?
    • Discover why some leaders fail to lead
    • Learn how to lead effectively

    Keynote by Speaker Alex McElroy


    • Don’t Doubt Your Doubts
    • Discover your True Faith
    • The Proof of the Truth
    • Mythbusters – Why Science Validates Faith
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