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Gavin Ingham

Gavin Ingham

Motivational Speaker on Mental Toughness
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Gavin Ingham is a dynamic and passionate speaker on high-performance teams and making individuals “tick”. According to him, what truly differentiates top performers is mental toughness, in other words the ability to persevere with the right actions even when others give up.

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Through his simple, yet powerful, “I am 10” approach, Gavin can help others achieve success in business and in life. He provokes audiences to think about business and life in a whole new way.

As a speaker Gavin Ingham’s style is a fusion of real life stories, take-home strategies and straight-talking (he is from Yorkshire after all!). His audiences leave with the right mindset to make a difference in the workplace and at home. Gavin is a highly experienced speaker; he has given over 1200 paid talks to over 150 000 delegates all around the world. His expertise has also made him highly sought after on US TV networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

Speaker Gavin Ingham has been a judge for the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards (BESMA) and has spoken three times at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s (ISMM) conference. His expertise has been sought out by multi-nationals that include UBS, The Royal Bank of Canada, Microsoft and Renault Trucks.

More than “just” a speaker Gavin Ingham is the author of three books and several multi-media programmes including the ground-breaking “Sales Juice”. His success philosopy “I am 10” has helped high-performing professionals, business leaders and organizations around the world to achieve commercial success. His blog is on of the top 25 sales blogs in the world and he has contributed with pieces for other major press sites.


Get a feel for the speaker Gavin Ingham in this show reel:

    Keynote by Speaker Gavin Ingham

    “I am 10” Peak Performance

    • Be more, do more and achieve more.
    • Learn the peak performance strategies of world-class performers.

    Keynote by Speaker Gavin Ingham

    “I am 10” Sales

    • Be more, do more, sell.
    • Mental toughness strategies that will help you to sell more in even the most competitive of markets.

    Keynote by Speaker Gavin Ingham

    “I am 10” Leadership

    • Be more, do more, lead more. Leadership insights to build high performance teams and unbeatable organisations.

    Keynote by Speaker Gavin Ingham

    “I am 10” Influence

    • Be more, do more, share more.
    • Elite communication strategies that influence and change minds.
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