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Dr. Todd Dewett

Leadership Personality and Authenticity Expert
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Todd Dewett is an energetic speaker, author, trainer, advisor, and the go-to leadership expert. He is also a two-time global bestseller on Lynda.com at LinkedIn, earning praise from millions of professionals in over 170 countries.

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Keynote speaker Todd Dewett is an influential leadership expert who believes in authenticity above all. He began his career at Anderson consulting, and Ernst and Young, then achieved a Ph.D. in management at Texas A&M University, followed by his award-winning career as a graduate professor.

He now speaks and writes full time, with a long list of achievements to commend him. Speaker Todd Dewett has done a TEDx talk, was named Inc. Magazine Top 100 leadership speaker, and is widely quoted (New York Times, TIME, Forbes, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, and hundreds more), with a long list of amazing clients (Exxon Mobil, GE, State Farm, JM Smucker, Ernst & Young, LinkedIn, Medtronic, TGI Fridays, NCR, and many more). Dr. Dewett is the go-to leadership and career expert for millions at Lynda.com at LinkedIn, earning him praise from professionals in over 160 countries.


Keynote speaker Todd Dewett uses emotional storytelling to engage audiences, causing them to laugh, cry, and think. His talks provide inspiration, motivation, and serve as a call to action for the greatness in his clients.


    Speaker Todd Dewett Keynote Topics

    • Creativity
    • Leadership
    • Team-building
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