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Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Motivational Speaker
Country: USA

The keynote speaker Karen Brown has over 30 years of business experience and 20,000 coaching hours under her belt. She also competes as a world-class ultra-endurance athlete. Karen draws on her own experiences of achieving success in commercial retail, real estate and athletics in order to motivate and inspire her audiences to reach their goals like she has.

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Through her keynotes, presentations and workshops for corporations, professional associations and business groups, the keynote speaker Karen Brown helps others to achieve success. Before founding her own company, Velocity Leadership Consulting, Karen served as a mentor and consultant to top performers for a $270 billion real estate company.

A successful corporate executive turned professionally certified business psychology coach and entrepreneur, Karen understands the complex challenges executives and senior managers face. Using scientifically proven techniques, she shares her actionable 7 Keys to Greater Success, all presented with a healthy dose of inspiration and humor.

She is the author of “Unlimiting Your Beliefs; 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life,” in which she outlines the 7 keys to achievement through the process of accomplishing her own long-term goal. After struggling with limiting beliefs and fears, our speaker Karen Brown discovered her true potential when she pursued and finished the toughest race in the world, the IRONMAN World Championship, accomplishing a goal she’d held for 28 years, and one normally reserved for professional athletes.

The talented speaker Karen Brown will work with you and tailor her content to provide an impactful, energetic event that reinforces your objectives with interactive, thought-provoking, motivating content.


    Speaker Karen Brown Keynote Topics

    •          Attitude
    •          Entrepreneurship
    •          Health & Wellness
    •          Leadership
    •          Motivation | Inspiration
    •          Performance | Productivity
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