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Steve Rizzo

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Attitude adjuster, personal development expert, comedian, author and motivational speaker inducted in Speakers Hall of Fame

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Our keynote speaker Steve Rizzo is known as The Attitude Adjuster and he has been “shifting” audiences since starting his business in 1994. His ability to weave high content with humor makes his keynotes suitable for motivating sales and service teams along with increasing employee morale and embracing change.

Why you should book speaker Steve Rizzo

  • Steve’s keynotes are known to really spark a fire from within and motivate people. Known as the Attitude Adjuster, it’s impossible to leave with an old attitude.
  • As a well-known speaker Steve Rizzo has spoken in front of many different audiences. He is a popular speaker and previous clients include In’n’Out Burger, Verizon, Microsoft and Marriott.
  • Steve used to be a stand-up comedian which is why he is so confident on stage. He keeps the audience entertained while motivating and inspiring them to work hard and reach their goals.

Steve Rizzo is a personal development expert, a comedian, a motivational speaker, and a best-selling author. He has also been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon fewer than 200 speakers worldwide since 1977. Steve’s keynotes can be used to motivate sales teams and production teams, create strong and authentic leaders or deal with stress and change.

Perhaps one of Steve’s greatest achievements was the stellar degree of success he achieved as a comedian, being chosen as a showtime comedy all star and sharing the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Eddie Murphy, Ellen DeGeneres and many more giants of comedy.

What Steve brings to the table is his captivating ability to engage the attendees with laughter as he challenges them to shift their focus and way of thinking to discover greater enthusiasm, increased productivity and new levels of success. As one of his clients once said, “Never has my group learned so much and laughed so hard in one sitting! Thanks for the ride!”

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Keynote by speaker Steve Rizzo

Motivate THIS

In this signature keynote, speaker Steve Rizzo shows his audience how they can start each day with an unstoppable attitude. Steve uses Common Sense Success Strategies that you can use to improve your personal and professional life.

  • Learn the significance of the phrase “You Become What You Think About.”
  • Get the right tools to motivate yourself and ignite passion and enthusiasm within yourself.
  • Understand the importance of developing a set of “feel good” habits.
Keynote by speaker Steve Rizzo

“Get Your Shift Together!”

  • Begin each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed.
  • Discover how to shift your focus and become more productive
  • Learn how to be resilient and motivated at all times
  • Achieve your goals and enjoy the process
Keynote by speaker Steve Rizzo

Embrace Change!

  • Move beyond merely accepting change to embracing it
  • Use humor as a tool to counteract some of the fear associated with change
  • Learn how change can serve as an impetus for growth and productivity
  • Discover how to use change as a competitive advantage
Keynote by speaker Steve Rizzo

Stress Less, Laugh More and Enjoy Success

  • Uncover the advantages, personally and professionally, of life/work balance
  • Discover how managing stress will create less absenteeism, increase overall employee resilience and healthier employees
  • Increase productivity by channelling stress into positive, proactive action
  • Create powerful culture change by using humor effectively.
Steve Rizzo - video

Steve Rizzo 2019 Demo Video

Watch speaker Steve Rizzo in action

Steve Rizzo - video

Steve Rizzo 2019 Demo Video

Watch speaker Steve Rizzo in action

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Interview with Steve Rizzo

Why have you chosen the title “The Attitude Adjuster?”

Actually, the title was given to me earlier in my career by an audience member. “Attitude is half the battle! Steve Rizzo could provide an entire seminar on attitude adjustments – I’d want my entire management team to attend. I got my money’s worth from this keynote!”  Thus the name “Attitude Adjuster.”

How does humor factor into your talks?

Good question. I wish I had the answer. (Just Kidding.)  I was a National Head-Line comedian for over 20 years with a list of TV credits to my name. So of course humor is a part of who I am. What I bring to the table as a speaker is my ability to engage the audience with laughter as I challenge them to SHIFT their focus and way of thinking to discover increased productivity, greater enthusiasm and new levels of success. Studies have shown that if people are having fun while they’re learning they will absorb more information. As one of my clients once said, “Never has my group learned so much and laughed so hard in one sitting. Thanks for the ride!”

What kind of feedback do you typically receive from clients after your key-notes and presentations?

Well…I don’t like to brag, but if you insist. Here are just a few recent comments.

“Steve Rizzo spoke for our audience of around 600 front line travel agents. He knocked it out of the park with a standing ovation!  It was a pleasure to see countless attendees approach him to say thank you!”

Nichol Druckmiller, Manager-Business Development-American Express-Travel & Lifestyle Services  

“Wow!  Sales people are a tough crowd and you absolutely nailed it! I can’t thank you enough for the mix of humor, purpose and passion you brought to the conference.  You have a talent of drawing in a crowd and reminding them what business and life are all about!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Sherry Graziano, Business Project Manager, Vice President Sales, SunTrust  

What type of client should hire you?

I believe what I have to offer is a perfect fit for almost every group. (No brag, just fact) Whether it’s Sales, Service, HealthCare, Education, or in any other business, using my “common sense success strategies” in the process will not only reduce stress, but improve morale, increase efficiency and help to embrace change. All of my programs are designed to take people to a better place in business and in life. In my view that’s the ultimate success.

How and why do you suggest people embrace change?

Regardless of the changes that taking place in business or in life, it is crucial to know that it’s not the change in and of itself that determines our fate, but rather it’s the thoughts we have about the change that really makes the difference. I often speak to groups on how to embrace change in the workplace.

Quite often the members pretty much have the same educational background, the same job description, and the same or similar responsibilities. Everyone is experiencing the changes that are taking place and yet I know for a fact that some, will move forward with enthusiasm and positive energy and enjoy themselves during the process. Others will merely go through the motions and complain along the way. And some will become emotionally paralyzed and unable to escape the grip of fear.

Why is it that some will move forward and become empowered as a result of the change; while others will have great difficulty to the point of feeling victimized? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of what each individual is thinking and saying to themselves. I show companies and organizations everywhere how to embrace change through the process of SHIFTING. In other words I show them how to SHIFT their way of thinking so they can enjoy the process of change and view it through the eyes of hope and optimism.

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