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The secrets behind the lens


Roie Galitz

travels from Israel

Wildlife photographer, adventurer and Greenpeace ambassador striving to take pictures no one has seen before

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Keynote speaker Roie Galitz is one of the world’s top wildlife photographers and an experienced speaker. He loves showing the beauty of the world and strives to take pictures no one has seen before. His passion for animals and nature has also motivated him to raise environmental awareness, recently he has even gave an hour and a half talk in the United Nations HQ and spoke in several global conferences.

Roie Galitz lives and breathes photography. To Roie, a unique perspective, in photography and life, can actualize any vision. Roie has impressive knowledge about photography and he aims to pass it on to as many as possible. In 2007, he founded his own school of photography in Israel called Galitz School of Photography, which has over 23,000 graduates so far. He is also the editor-in-chief of the popular photography magazine Composition Magazine as well as the founder of Phototeva, which is a photography exhibitions company with many exciting destinations and photographers, who get to live their dream. He is also the ambassador for Nikon Israel, Global DGI and Mediterranean Greenpeace.

Roie has received over a hundred international awards and honorable mentions over the years for his amazing unique photos – his talent is undeniable. In his fascinating keynotes he talks about his personal experiences with photographing animals in extreme conditions. Roie will teach his audiences helpful tools and strategies to get the best shots – as photographers, nature lovers, business men and women. Roie is able to customize his keynotes to any organization or audience and will be an interesting and fascinating addition to any event.


See keynotes with Roie Galitz

    Keynote by Speaker Roie Galitz

    Wildlife Photography – The Secrets behind the Lens

    • Discover the secrets behind some of Roie’s greatest shots
    • Listen to his inspiring stories
    • Learn how the importance of perspective in photography and life
    • Audience will feel inspired and creative after this presentation


    Keynote by Speaker Roie Galitz

    Achieving the Unachievable – The Power of Networking

    Some goals seem impossible to reach. That’s when the power of your network is the greatest, and with it no goal is unachievable. Roie Galitz is lucky enough to be living his dream and working with his passion, and you can be too. Discover how to use the same tools to achieve your goals and increase your network to gain so much more. Learn how to use the power of your words to turn any dream into your reality.
    * A must for corporates. Dozens of companies have enjoyed it, from Amazon and Dell, through Cornell Alumni and even the Army.


    Keynote by Speaker Roie Galitz

    Composition of Success

    • Roie Galitz is lucky enough to be living his dream and working with his passion
    • Discover how you can live your dream as Roie shares his tips and tricks to find your find your passion and make it your work
    • Learn how to compose your time and combine family life with work
    • Learn how to lead a team with a vision and overcome fears


    Keynote by Speaker Roie Galitz

    Super Mothers of the Wild

    • There are true superheroes in the wild. Not the lions, tigers or leopards but the mothers!
    • Male animals don’t usually stay around after getting the female pregnant and it is up to her to hunt, feed and keeping her young cubs safe
    • Listen to jaw-dropping first hand stories and feel empowered
    • Learn how to embrace challenges and self-reliance


    Keynote by Speaker Roie Galitz

    Helicopter in my Backpack

    • The coolest part of technology right now is without a doubt drone photography
    • Roie Galitz is the DJI Ambassador and he has taken the drone to new heights – literally and figuratively speaking
    • In this presentation you will see amazing images and video clips that weren’t possible just five years ago

Interview with Roie Galitz

What is a common mistake amateur photographers make? 

Out of my experience, I can point out 3 kinds of mistakes:

  • Investing in the camera and not in the photographer – great cameras won’t make great photos, photographers take great photos. Equipment is important for better results, but knowledge is far more crucial, especially as a beginner. Learn as much as you can, get better, then buy a better camera.
  • Stop and Think – Although it might be tempting, don’t just pull out your camera and start shooting. Think, plan and decide what you want to photograph and what’s the best way to do it. Take a look at the result and then improve. Repeat if necessary.
  • Don’t fear a little photoshopping – it’s your darkroom, and images need to be adjusted for the correct exposure and cropping.

What is your best advice on getting the best shots?
Use photographic thinking. Good images are done by using technique, great images are done by using your mind. Ask yourself what you’re going to photograph and then ask: When? Where? How? And most importantly – Why? Plan your shot, sketch if you wish to and only then take it, as best as you can.

Who or what inspires you most?
Nature inspires me the most. Every time I’m out there, my mind is blown by the intensity of life, in its natural environment. I’m always looking at other wildlife photographers, and there are wonderful people with incredible reach for locations and interesting points of view.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?
I love the energy of the people in the audience, I love the “whooo”s and “haaaas” coming when my images show and especially I like the way the eyes light up when people see the wonderful world we’re living in. Most people, I’d say 99.9999% of people, won’t see a Polar Bear in their lifetime, and it’s my privilege and duty to be their voice and ambassador to others.

Why do clients typically hire you to speak?

3 kinds of talks are requested from me:

  • Inspirational – where I share wildlife photography secrets with lots of “behind the scenes” images, explaining what it means to get that award winning shot and actualize your dream. Many times there’s a lot of sacrifice in it, more than you would think.
  • Environmental – As a wildlife photographer I’ve seen a lot, and as a Greenpeace ambassador I’ve taken the responsibility to make sure the stories of the forgotten wildlife will not be ignored. The world is changing.
  • Customized – Since the natural world is everything, I can talk about anything. I love the talk I’ve been asked to give about Mothers of the Wild, and I enjoyed to combine my love for business and leadership as an entrepreneur with things I’ve learned from the predators I’ve encountered. So everything is a talk.

How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?
They gain inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and a new found love for the natural world and adventures in it.

See keynotes with Roie Galitz
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