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Janne Björge

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With Janne Björges expertise, you will learn how employee engagement transforms into top-class customer experiences and increased profitability.

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Experience Janne Björge – the master in creating brands and customer experiences that exceed expectations. With an impressive history of successful leadership, from start-up to billion-dollar companies, Janne is the inspirer who transforms engagement into profitability. Book a lecture and gain the tools needed to build a strong team and brand that engages internationally. Let Janne show how you can adjust your brand promise and create authentic customer relationships that drive growth.

Why you should book Janne Björge for your next event

  • Janne Björge provides you with the strategies needed to strengthen your brand from the inside out, with the customer at the center. Experience
  • Janne’s journey and gain insight into how he led his company from startup to generating 1.5 billion in revenue.
  • He inspires innovative thinking and demonstrates how innovation within corporate culture and customer relationships creates long-term success.

Janne Björge is the branding specialist who transforms sales challenges into measurable successes. His lectures are a gold mine of practical insights and strategies to strengthen your brand and team, resulting in a stronger market position and improved profitability.

Through his lectures, Janne Björge has shared his insights with companies and organizations, large and small, including reputable clients like Berghs and IHM, as well as established brands like Audi and SEB. This experience has honed his ability to understand the unique needs of different sectors and transform them into practical strategies that propel businesses forward.

Janne understands that sales are more than just numbers on paper; they are the result of genuine relationships and internal commitment. His successful journey from leading a communication agency to generating revenues of 1.5 billion is evidence that when employees are engaged, sales and customer satisfaction naturally increase. He shares this knowledge so that your company can embrace and cultivate a similar culture of success.

By bringing together the core messages of his lectures – to inspire engagement and drive sales – Janne Björge offers a narrative that is not only motivational but also profitable. He takes you on a journey where each employee’s engagement is a critical part of a larger puzzle, and demonstrates how this positively impacts the entire company’s ecosystem.

Investing in a lecture with Janne is giving yourself the tool needed to elevate your business to new heights of success and innovation. It’s an opportunity to shape the future of your company with one of the sharpest minds in the industry. With Janne Björge, you gain the key to a future where your brand is not only visible but shines as a guiding star within your industry!

See keynotes with Janne Björge
Keynote by speaker Janne Björge

How do we bridge the gap? What does your customer really expect?

Our brand promise to the market.
Most companies believe they provide a world-class customer experience. At the same time, very few customers feel their experience has been fantastic. 86% of companies claim they deliver excellence, yet only 8% of customers agree. There is a clear gap between how one thinks they are perceived and the truth. It directly impacts GDP.

How do we bridge the gap? What does your customer really expect in 2023?

  • Entrepreneur, communicator, and inspirer Janne Björge has cracked the code on how to build strong, credible brands.
  • With honest analysis of the current situation, clear goals, and genuine commitment, we build a strong brand from within. Together.

A lecture that gathers the team around a greater ambition to excel in all touchpoints. Because we want to be proud of what we’re trying to build.

Keynote by speaker Janne Björge

Leadership in Change – Everything is changing again – How do I bring my team along?

About the power of engagement

Do we share the same cultural ambition internally? In a mature organization and a mature market, competition becomes fierce, both within your industry and due to shifts.

Suddenly, you encounter new competitors who don’t compete on the same terms. The red ocean is filled with blood and cramped, the rules of the game are thrown off balance. How do you find the courage to jump into the Blue Ocean, how do you dare to redefine yourselves, change identity, and pursue a new market position, a more exciting one?

This is a lecture but can easily be expanded into a workshop on the potential within your own company. It’s a start to something big and exciting.

Keynote by speaker Janne Björge

Who should recommend you? - Brands, recommendations, and why they should like you

Our relationship with our customers… What happened in the last 10 years? From Good to real bad.

Everything has changed – nothing is as it used to be. Your brand experiences are suddenly your customers’ experiences, and it’s not as easy to buy your audience anymore. You have to earn your customer relationships. Unfortunately, there’s a big gap between what companies promise and what they deliver.

What are the consequences of this & how do you measure it?

Join us for:

  • A lecture on the history of branding, what has happened, and where we are right now.
  • Many practical cases about storytelling, the recommendation society, and useful thoughts for ambitious brand owners.
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