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Moving stories from Africa

Anja Ringgren Lovén

travels from Denmark

Founder of Land of Hope Anja Ringgren Lovén holds inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes about her relief work in Nigeria

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Our speaker Anja Ringgren Lovén holds eye-opening and inspiring keynotes on her relief work in Nigeria, where she helps the so-called ‘Witch Children’. Based on her own experiences, Anja speaks about focussing on a cause, following her heart and a decision that has given many abandoned children and orphans a safe place to grow up in. An event with Anja Ringgren Lovén is truly something that will put your life in perspective.

Why you should book Anja Ringgren Lovén for your next event

  • Today, our speaker Anja Ringgren Lovén is known across Denmark and internationally for her passion and her decision to sell all that she had and gamble everything for the cause she believed in, Africa’s Children.
  • With tireless optimism, a strong will and not least the courage to go into the unknown. Anja has managed to give humanitarianism and volunteering a whole new meaning.

In 2012, the keynote speaker Anja Ringgren Lovén founded her own aid and relief organisation, Land of Hope. A decision that arose as a direct consequence of her experiences as a relief worker in Malawi, the previous year. She gave up her job as a shop manager in 2011 to travel to Africa, where she became an observer and relief worker for three months. The experience of seeing such extreme poverty and starvation, is something she will never forget. She therefore decided that for the rest of her life, she will fight against poverty and famine in Africa and help the world’s poorest towards a better life.

Land of Hope has, for more than three years, helped children in Nigeria that have been accused of being witches. Along with her Nigerian husband, Anja runs a children’s home for the so-called ‘Witch Children’, who without help usually end up living a lonely life on the streets, which most of which don’t survive.

Accusations of Witchcraft are a growing problem in many African countries, especially in Nigeria. The reason for the accusations can arise from a variety of sources such as a death or sickness within the family, crop failures, or infertility. According to traditional African beliefs, there is a supernatural explanation to many of the events in life and it is children who are often made to be the scapegoats.

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Keynote by Anja Ringgren Lovén

Africa's Witch Children

Have you ever had the desire to go 100% after your dream? To follow your heart and give up everything for what you believe in?

The keynote speaker Anja Ringgren Lovén is known as the Dane, who gave up her job, materials and the security of Denmark to help the so called ‘Witch Children’ in Africa. Anja founded her own relief organisation Land of Hope, and today lives in Nigeria where she runs her own children’s home.

Anja’s keynotes focuses on superstition in Nigeria, life at the children’s home and making choices with your heart. To have the courage to take the road less traveled and do what you do best.

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The mindset of witchcraft. Anja Ringgren Lovén and her biggest challenge in Nigeria.

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