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Summer Rayne Oakes

Ecomodel and Activist
Country: USA

Model, author, activist and keynote speaker Summer Rayne Oakes is the World’s First Ecomodel. She has made it a mission to align her passion for people, style and nature in everything that she does. Listen to an inspirational speaker with a focus on the environment, women’s issues, entrepreneurship and fashion.

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Keynote speaker Summer Rayne Oake is an environmental scientist and entomologist by training. Summer has spent the last fifteen years infusing sustainable-thinking and practices into the heart of the fashion, beauty and food industries. After her very verdant apartment went viral (she grows 700 houseplants in her home), she launched Homestead Brooklyn, a popular website, Instagram, and YouTube channel to help people become more attuned to nature in the city through what they grow—both inside their homes as well as out.

Additionally, as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, strong-willed speaker Summer Rayne Oake is passionate about helping people live healthier lives through what they eat. In 2014, she founded SugarDetox.Me, a website offering 10-day and 30-day guided cleanses to help people come to terms with their sugar tooth, which later led to the creation of the cookbook and award-winning guide: SugarDetoxMe: 100 Recipes to Curb Cravings and Take Back Your Health.

Prior to this, Oakes co-founded Source4Style (now Le Souk), a venture-backed B2B sustainable materials marketplace; designed environmentally conscious lines and modeled for brands such as Payless, Portico, Pirelli, and Modo; authored the book, Style, Naturally; and was a correspondent for Discovery Networks. She and her work have been featured in press internationally including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, INC, Forbes, CNN, The Guardian, and more.

Our speaker Summer Rayne Oake graduated cum laude from Cornell University and you may often see her in Brooklyn tending to her copious indoor gardens, cooking with food she’s grown, or walking her pet chicken, Kippee in her community garden.

    Speaker Summer Rayne Oakes Keynote Topics

    • How to Make a Plant Love You: An Exploration into our Relationship with Plants
    • A Processed World: Nixing the World’s Sweet Tooth
    • Fashion & Sustainability: The Naked Truth About Clothes
    • Finding Path & Purpose via a Non-Linear Life
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