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Ann Daniels

Leader and Explorer
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Ann Daniels is a fighter, a leader, an explorer and a captivating presenter. She has been recognized by the Guinness book of records and received several awards for her impressive yet dangerous expeditions in the world’s most inhospitable environments. Ann Daniels illustrates the importance of good leadership, she emphasizes the essentiality of teamwork and is able to motivate any type of audience.


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Polar Explorer Ann Daniels is one of Britain’s leading female explorers and a world record holder. In 2002, she became the first woman in history to ski to the North and South Poles as part of all women teams. She has sledge-hauled over 4000 miles, in the most inhospitable environments in the world, completing over 10 polar expeditions and surviving over 400 days on the ice. She is well versed and aware of the importance of a positive attitude in the most difficult circumstances. As a Polar guide and the only leader of all 3 Catlin Arctic surveys she is living proof that good leadership counts and does make a difference to the success of a team.

Her achievements have been recognised by many bodies including the Guinness book of records, The Pride of Britain Awards, The Foreign Office and the Women of the Year Awards. She has appeared on numerous tv and radio programs. Along with bringing up her four children, Ann is currently working on her next record breaking project.

Ann is a leader of men and women at the ends of the world and gives presentations on leadership, teamwork, motivation and environmental issues, tailoring every speech to her audience and skillfully bringing out the key elements that are important to the event.

    Speaker Ann Daniels Keynote Topics

    • Leadership
    • Motivation
    • Teamwork
    • Environmental issues
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