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Gayle Cotton

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Cross-cultural Communication Expert

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Our keynote speaker Gayle Cotton is a cross-cultural communication specialist and highly sought after presenter. Giving presentations all over the world in the last years, she has shared her stories and knowledge with thousands of attendees. On stage the National Emmy Award Winner is not only an acknowledged expert, but also an engaging and humorous entertainer.

Gayle Cotton is not only a communication expert, trainer and keynote speaker, but also an author. In her bestselling book, ‘SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication’, which she also presents as a keynote, she reveals the keys to success in intercultural behaviour.

Gayle Cotton is President of Circles Of Excellence Inc., and a distinguished speaker and executive coach. She has presented for the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the U.S. government, and more than 50 Fortune 500 companies around the world. She has been featured on BBC News, NBC News, Good Morning America, PM Magazine, Pacific Report, PBS and more.

She was the first American ever to be accepted in the ‘European Association of Marketing and Sales Experts’, and is a Certified Expert in the ‘Executive Foundation for International Communication’. She is a Faculty Resource for Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), Chief Executives Organization (CEO), and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

In her lively keynotes, Gayle Cotton educates, amuses and motivates her audiences. She is an internationally recognized authority on Cross-Cultural Communication. Her abilities to act as a catalyst for creativity and productivity have earned her the trust and respect of World Leaders, Ambassadors, and Executives around the world that turn to her for her expertise on global cultures and international business.


See keynotes with Gayle Cotton

    Keynote by Speaker Gayle Cotton

    SAY Anything to Anyone, Anywhere! 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication

    Keynote by Speaker Gayle Cotton

    Global Business Etiquette: ‘Cultural Clues, Do’s & Taboos’!

    • This entertaining keynote will teach you to understand the ‘Do’s & Taboos’ for doing business in Europe, Asia/ Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East. On this brief journey around the world, Gayle will provide you with valuable take home values.

    Keynote by Speaker Gayle Cotton

    Interpersonal Communications: Is What You Say What You Mean?

    • Body language, intonation and context. Every detail can shape successful interpersonal communication. Learn the necessary ‘people-reading’ skills to become pro-active rather than reactive in the communication process.

    Keynote by Speaker Gayle Cotton

    The Art of Successful Presentation Skills: It’s Beyond Words…

    • In today’s business world you will have to pitch and promote yourself all the time. Whether you make presentations for meetings, small groups, or from a podium for multitudes, this interactive topic is designed for you. Making successful presentations is an art, and one that’s not easily achieved! Excellent presentations are 90% preparation and 10% presentation. Learn to create the most effective type of presentation for your audience. Incorporate some high-level tips to enhance your audience rapport, including with multicultural audiences.

    Keynote by Speaker Gayle Cotton

    Time Mastery & Stress Management: 1440 Minutes – Use It or Lose It!

    • Time Mastery & Stress Management will help you better understand your habits of self-management, and develop strategies to maximize time and minimize stress. This lively, interactive topic can make the difference between being in the red or the black of the time bank… and your health. . Are you ‘in time’, ‘on time,’ or ‘out of time’?

    Keynote by Speaker Gayle Cotton

    Gayle’s Story: 3 Strikes! International Business Women Abroad

    • In the early nineties, Gayle began her career working as a Corporate Trainer for multi-national companies and organizations in Switzerland. She was an expert in Cross-Cultural Education, but she quickly discovered that she had 3 strikes against her — she was American, female, and blonde!
      By telling which strikes she personally had to overcome, Gayle teaches the audience awareness, problem solutions and resilience. Get ready to face your challenges.
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