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Jason Ma

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Advisor & global business rainmaker. Preeminent next-generation leaders mentor. Leading member of the B20 with the G20

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Keynote speaker Jason Ma believes that most people have yet to unleash their full potentialHis sage advice, guidance, and network have effected many to achieve great outcomes in their own life stages and to move towards becoming the best version of themselves. Ma leads ThreeEQ to help select enterprises, high net worth families, and both older and young leaders—Western and Asian—to win, grow, and succeed.

Jason Ma 馬良傑 is an influential G20 business and education leader. Ma is not only a preeminent next-generation leaders’ success mentor and elite university admissions consultant, but also a boardroom/C-suite advisor and global rainmaker, acclaimed author, and sought-after speaker and masterclass leader.

As a leading member of The B20 with The G20 (representing 85% of the global nominal GDP of nearly US$90 trillion and 66% of 7.4 billion people), Jason Ma serves on the foremost Employment and Education Task Force (through the G20 and B20 presidencies of Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, and currently Argentina). As the private sector’s voice of the G20, the B20’s policy recommendations on behalf of the international business community to the G20 governments capture the attention of the Presidents/Prime Ministers and their Cabinet Secretaries/Ministers. Ma pays particular attention to the future of work, talent, and education, the impact of AI and technologies, and digital transformation.

Ma is also a World Chinese Economic Forum Global Advisory Council member, DC Finance Family Office Conferences Steering Committee member, and NYTimes Higher Ed Leaders Forum delegate. He is a former APEC CEO Summit delegate, Pacific Basin Economic Council member, Thiel Fellowship mentor, Kairos Society mentor, and Forbes Global CEO Conference delegate for 8 years.

Jason Ma is Founder, CEO and Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ Inc., a preeminent global business, next-generation leadership career, and elite college admissions success advisory firm for select global companies and high-net-worth families. He is the acclaimed author of Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Leaders. He is a renowned Forbes contributor on next-generation leadership and entrepreneurship, innovative higher education, mentorship, and elite U.S. college admissions (2011-16, over 1 million views). His work has been featured in various top media, including CNBC Asia (Managing Asia and Squawk Box), Business Rockstars, Fast Company, Channel NewsAsia, and others.

In addition, as a C-suite/boardroom strategic advisor and high-level global rainmaker, Jason Ma directly helps select corporates and SMEs (Enterprise Clients) make pragmatic decisions, win large customers, make strategic deals, and enhance soft skills and productivity. ThreeEQ helps them add to their ROI, strengthen leadership and human capital quality, and bolster revenue and profitability growth.

Jason Ma’s perspective has been enhanced by over 3 decades of seasoned experience and impact in innovative technology, education, and expert industries—with more than 2 million miles of world travels to over 40 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe/Israel, and the Americas. Through his career, he successfully made deals with hundreds of enterprises and SMEs; co-built leading tech companies (subsequent IPO or M&A); and co-founded, invested in, and exited astutely from a few IT, new media, edtech, and education services companies. This past decade, Ma has personally and successfully counseled numerous students of affluent families on the complex elite U.S. college planning, applications, and admissions process, next-generation leadership, and personal success with great outcomes.

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    Speaker Jason Ma Keynote Topics

    Jason Ma is sought after as an insightful and inspiring keynote speaker, masterclass leader, panelist, moderator, and boardroom advisor in the world theater. In addition to the topics below, he is delighted to customize topics for your audience. He can lead a masterclass or two on the “how-to” and related topics as well.

    Keynote by Speaker Jason Ma

    Global Trends and Developments: The Future of Work and Talent / Globalization / Technology and Digital Transformation / Geopolitics / Intergenerational and Multicultural Shifts

    • The Future of Work and Talent Worldwide: What You Need to Know and How to Advance
    • AI/Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, and Industry 4.0 Trends in Major G20 Economies
    • Technology Industry Growth Trends and Insights: West (Silicon Valley) Meets East (Asia/China)
    • Asia/China and International Business Growth Strategies and Roadmaps in Turbulent Times
    • Diverse Mindsets, Cultures, and Intergenerational Shifts of Asians/Chinese vs. Americans
    • Perspective on the Geopolitical and Socioeconomic New Normal with U.S. President Trump

    Keynote by Speaker Jason Ma

    Corporate Leadership 3.0: Mentoring and Transforming Multigenerational Teams Worldwide While Honing Your Own “3EQ” For Next-Level Success

    • How to Mentor and Transform Increasingly Multigenerational, Diverse, and Multicultural Teams
    • How to Become the Boss or Older Colleague That Millennials and Gen Z’ers Love to Work With
    • How to Become the Millennial or Gen Z Employee Companies Love to Keep and Develop
    • How to Rescue Ourselves from Addictive Technologies/Apps
    • How to Hone the “OS & Apps” in Your Mind & Soul and Be Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier
    • How to Hone Your Pragmatic Emotional, Social, and Leadership Intelligence (“3EQ”) For Success
    • How to Be Entrepreneurial and Innovative When Change Is Accelerating—Silicon Valley Style

    Keynote by Speaker Jason Ma

    (Ultra) High Net Worth Family, Career, Elite University Admissions, Education, and Parenting Success

    • Preparing Your Children For Middle/High School, University, Career, and Personal Success
    • What They Don’t Teach You at Ivy League Universities
    • Hypercompetitive US Elite College Admissions: How Your High Schoolers Can Advance
    • How to Hone Family Values and Become More Effective, Joyful Parents
    • Western vs. Asian/Chinese Parenting Styles and Family Success Strategies
    • Why to Start Preparing for College in Sixth Grade
Jason Ma - video

Jason Ma's keynote on Preparing Your Children For School, College, Career, & Personal Success

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See keynotes with Jason Ma
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