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Jason Ma

Renowned global business and education thought leader. Next-generation leadership expert.
Country: USA

Jason Ma is a preeminent mentor in developing next-gen leaders in the workforce and in school. Ma is also a perennial leading member of The B20 (The G20’s global business advisory council), a high-powered strategic business and education advisor in Asia/China and America, an acclaimed author, and an inspiring speaker sought after in the world theatre.

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Jason Ma is an insightful and inspiring keynote speaker, fireside chat speaker, university speaker, masterclass/seminar leader, panelist, moderator, and board advisor in the world theater. He is delighted to listen and customize topics for your audience. Ma can lead a masterclass or two on the “how-to” and related topics as well.

As a renowned G20 global business and education influencer, Jason Ma is a sought-after speaker who is of interest to tycoons, CEOs, executives, employees, parents, educators, and students. Onstage, Ma captivates, educates, and inspires audiences to reflect and act towards increasing their ROI and positive transformation.

Ma is the founder, CEO and Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ, an innovative global business, leadership, career, family, education, and university admissions success consulting firm. He is the author of the acclaimed book Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers. Furthermore, he is a Forbes contributor on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education, and College Admissions (2011-6) whose articles have produced nearly 1 million views. His work has been featured in various top media, including Forbes, CNBC Asia (Managing Asia and Squawk Box), Business Rockstars, Fast Company, iHeartMedia, Channel NewsAsia, and Teen Kids News.

Jason Ma is deeply involved in developing young leaders. By applying his own “3EQ” and “4S” success mentoring framework, he has personally guided hundreds of millennials and teens to not only become successful leaders in the workforce or in school, or get admitted to elite universities, but also achieve a sustainable form of happiness. Ma’s former students can be found either working at renowned enterprises and startups or attending Ivy League universities, Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT, Oxford, and many other top universities.

Beyond developing future leaders, Jason Ma serves as a well-connected, trusted strategic/senior advisor at both Western and Asian growth-minded enterprises, and as a global business and education thought leader. He is Silicon Valley’s leading member of the B20, the G20’s official global business advisory council, contributing on both the Employment and Education Taskforce and the SMEs Cross-thematic Group. Ma has served as a leading American member of the B20 through the G20 hosted by Australia, Turkey, China, Germany, and looks forward to working with Argentina in 2018.

Ma is a World Chinese Economic Summit Global Advisory Council member and a DC Finance Steering Committee member. He is a former APEC CEO Summit delegate and Pacific Basin Economic Council member. He is also a NYTimes Higher Ed Leaders Forum delegate, an IfOnly luminary-expert, a sustaining member of the Western Association of College Admission Counseling, a Kairos Society mentor, and a former Thiel Fellowship mentor. Ma has been a Forbes Global CEO Conference delegate for 8 years.

An experienced speaker, Jason Ma has spoken regularly at the World Chinese Economic Summit, Global China and India Business Meetings, family office conferences in the U.S. and Asia; private events at multinational corporations, institutions, and high net worth family groups; Stanford University, UC Berkeley, INSEAD, and other universities; K-12 school districts; and other summits around the world. He is a featured keynote speaker at the Harvard Business School Association of N. California and the Harvard Club of San Francisco.

Ma’s perspective has been enhanced by over 3 decades of seasoned business and entrepreneurial experience in innovative technology, education, expert, and traditional industries and more than 2 million miles of world travels to some 40 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, Israel, and the Americas. Earlier in his career, as an international business senior executive at leading tech companies, Ma had successfully presented to, persuaded, and led managing relationships with hundreds of corporations.

Jason Ma holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley College of Engineering. He and his wife are joyful parents of two vivacious, high-achieving daughters.

    Keynote Topics

    Jason Ma is an insightful and inspiring keynote speaker, fireside chat speaker, university speaker, masterclass/seminar leader, panelist, moderator, and board advisor in the world theater. He is delighted to listen and customize topics for your audience. Ma can lead a masterclass or two on the “how-to” and related topics as well.


    International & U.S. Business, Geopolitical, & Cultural Trends & Developments

    • Employment, Human Capital, & Education Trends in the G20, including the U.S. & Asia
    • Asia/China & International Business Growth Strategies & Roadmaps in Turbulent Times
    • Technology Industry Growth Trends & Insights: West (Silicon Valley) Meets East (China)
    • Inside the Diverse Cultures & Mindsets of Americans & Asians: How You Can Advance
    • Perspective & Tips on the Dynamic, Volatile, Global New Normal with President Trump



    Next-Generation Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Human Capital, Mentorship, & Personal Success

    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation When Change Is Constant—Silicon Valley Style
    • How to Hone the “OS & Apps” in Your (Entrepreneurial) Mind & Soul
    • How to Rescue Ourselves from Addictive Technologies/Apps & Be Productive & Happier
    • How to Balance Your Health & Busy Work Schedule—and Be Joyful
    • How to Manage Stress, Clarify Direction, & Unleash Your Own Potential
    • How to Be Happier, Healthier, & Wealthier By Managing Your Own Pragmatic Psychology
    • Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, & Tips for Next-Generation Achievers
    • The Art of Grooming Next-Generation Leaders Anywhere and Across Cultures
    • The Art of Sales & Personal Relationships In Our Tech-Savvy, Inundated World
    • The Art of Pragmatic Emotional, Social, & Leadership Intelligence (“3EQ”)
    • Why & How Leading Enterprises & Families Engage in Impact Investing & Philanthropy
    • Become the Young Employee Companies Would Love to Hire, Keep, & Develop
    • Become the Boss and Company Millennials (Gen Y) & iGen’ers (Gen Z) Love to Work For



     Education, Family, & Parenting Success

    • What They Don’t Teach You at Ivy League Universities
    • Preparing Your Children For K-12, University, Career, & Life Success
    • The Art & Power of Family Values & How to Become More Effective, Joyful Parents
    • Innovative & Pragmatic K-12/Secondary & Higher Education & Mentorship
    • Asian/Chinese vs. Western Parenting & Family Success Definitions & Strategies
    • Hypercompetitive U.S. Elite College Admissions: How Your High Schoolers Can Advance
    • Why to Start Preparing for College in Sixth Grade
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