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China Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about China. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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About China

  • China is located in East Asia and is the third largest country in the world. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, which is nothing less than a fifth of humanity, it is the world’s most populous country. The capital city is Beijing.
  • China is dealing with the tension between the communist regime that has ruled for many years and the influence that is coming from the outside, both in regards to their society and their economy.
  • Lectures on China deal with both the country, their policies and their history. But lectures also focus on the trade market that China has started globally. Through keynotes on the subject, this large and resourceful country may inspire you. Lectures on China may be appropriate, for example, information presentations, but it can also be appropriate for companies that wish to be smarter on understanding China as a country and how to do business with the Chinese.
  • Our keynote speakers can present speeches on a wide variety of subjects from Chinese business and China’s new role in the world to politics and social issues in the great country. Give yourself and your attendees a speaker experience and become fascinated with the Asian country and culture.