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Bay McLaughlin

Bay McLaughlin

Co-Founder of Brinc.io
Country: Hong Kong

Keynote speaker Bay McLaughlin is an energetic and engaging speaker on topics such as technology startups, corporate innovation and the future. Having spent half of his career either in or founding startups, he now brings his experience and operations abilities to connect the dots from Asia to Silicon Valley for IoT (the Internet of Things) companies from around the world. He speaks regularly at conferences, most recently at Web Summit, Echelon, RISE, LAUNCH, SXSW, Big Salad and more.

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Bay is a co-founder of Brinc, a global IoT accelerator, manufacturing studio and online hardware community based in Hong Kong with offices worldwide. His expertise is sought after worldwide and he currently holds equity positions in 32 companies in 12 countries, serves on the board of Soundbrenner and Brinc, and is a contributor for Forbes and a KOL for Huawei.

Bay is passionate about investing in founders with a global vision, which is why he also serves as a regular mentor for Chinaccelerator, the Thiel Foundation, and other startup ecosystems in Asia.

Bay is an avid supporter of technology startups, in fact he has supported technology startups for the last decade. Over half of this time was spent at Apple as a founding team member of their global SMB (Small to Medium Business) channel and as the founder of their first Entrepreneurship Evangelism channel. To support startups at Apple, Bay partnered with the world’s best founders, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators to identify and solve their most pressing strategic issues. This paid off, as his division at Apple has grossed more than $300M USD in sales and is still the best team globally in Apple SMB’s division.

Learn more about the lessons Bay has gathered in his extensive career by booking him to speak at your event.


    Keynote by Speaker Bay McLaughlin

    How To Start Working With China – ‘Why China Matters NOW! You’re Already Behind… You Just Don’t Know It Yet

    • This talk is for Western audiences and helps shake them into realizing that you have to deal with the East, especially China. It provides 3 stories, plus a bonus story if there’s time, to explain strategies that work as a foreigner to do business in China the right way. Highly motivational and thought provoking for most audiences.


    Keynote by Speaker Bay McLaughlin

    Health Tech – ‘The Future of Health is NOT Your Doctor’s Responsibility, It’s Yours!

    • This talk is a high energy, statistics driven, impossible to deny presentation about the current state of healthcare and health technology. You can live happier and healthier lives today and the system isn’t going to do it for you. Packed with examples that hit home with almost everyone in the audience and common sense tips you can take home and start implementing immediately.


    Keynote by Speaker Bay McLaughlin

    IoT – What In the World Is IoT and Why Should You Care

    • This is a talk to help people understand what the future is going to look like and their role in it. It’s a futurist talk that helps provide a framework through which the audience can think about innovation and new ideas.


    Keynote by Speaker Bay McLaughlin

    Manufacturing – ‘How To Source, Build & Ship Products From China

    • This is a DEEP dive into how to make products in China. Usually for audiences that need to know how to approach product development and manufacturing only. It can be 1.5 hours up to 3 hours depending on how deep the audience wants to go.


    Keynote by Speaker Bay McLaughlin

    How to Finance Your Hardware Company

    • ‘Building A Hardware Company Is Like A Boxing Match’ This presentation is also specific to people who want to get into the physical product world. It explains the myths, the common mistakes, and gives the audience a handful of useful tips and tricks to creatively finance and build the hardware business of their dreams.


    Keynote by Speaker Bay McLaughlin

    Silicon Valley/ Apple

    • Bay has lived in Silicon Valley / San Francisco for nearly 10 years and worked at Apple for 6 years.  He could speak to this at any point with ease. He could also compare and contrast the Chinese way of building startups and the West / Valley point of view.
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