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Mina Guli

Water advocate and ultra runner
Country: China

Through her work as a lawyer at various institutions including the World Bank, our keynote speaker Mina Guli came to learn about the water crisis. Mina has now dedicated her life to raising awareness, and educating the youth on the global water crisis and responsible water leadership.

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The question isn’t if we will run out of water. It’s when.

Unless we change.


Mina Guli’s passion for the topic of water scarcity led her to leave her career as a corporate lawyer in favor of water activism. In 2011, Mina founded Thirst: a not-for-profit international group that works towards educating the public on the coming water crisis and which advocates for environmental protection to help bridge the gap on water overconsumption in the coming future. This initiative has had a great impast and in 2016, Mina Guli was named one of the 50 Greatest World Leaders by Fortune Magazine.

As a water advocate, Mina speaks about water scarcity and what can be done to prevent it. She educates clients on the coming water crisis and the importance of building our lives around using less water. Mina has spoken to business groups in the past to influence the industry decision makers, teaching them about the impact that businesses can make by limiting the impact of water use and making it easier for consumers to do as well. Mina has spoken for clients including Brandix, Swiss Re, Young Presidents, Nike’s Sustainable Business and Innovation Team, and the 2017 Sustainable Textile Conference.

Mina is not only a speaker and lawyer but also a runner that has completed multiple marathons, ultra marathons and triathlons. She has completed feats such as running 40 marathons in 7 weeks to show the importance of 40% over consumption of freshwater resources in the coming century. In her life, hardships that have always led her to back to running. She now uses her running as a tool to support her organizations as well as educate others. In 2016 was the first person to run across 7 deserts on 7 continents in just 7 weeks. Mina Guli can be an inspiration to the average runner as well as other ultra athletes.


I want every single person on the planet to have a dream they can achieve.

Without water, that is not possible.

    Speaker Mina Guli Keynote Topics

    • Running/Ultra Running
    • Achievement – Personal
    • Change: Managing/Leading It
    • Courage
    • Environmental Issues
    • Inspiring Lives
    • Leadership
    • Motivation
    • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges
    • Peak Performance
    • Risk Management
    • Sports
    • Sustainability
    • Teamwork
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