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Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper

Sustainability Adviser and Environmentalist
Country: UK

Through numerous years of work and research keynote speaker Tony Juniper has become a well-known British environment advisor. His work has resulted in several books and articles and Tony is considered a successful sustainability advisor in many fields. Through his keynotes he is able to enlighten audiences on how to achieve a more sustainable society and environment.

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Tony Juniper is an independent sustainability and environment adviser, including a Special Advisor in the Prince’s Charities International Sustainability Unit, Fellow with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and President of Society for the Environment. He is a founding member of the Robertsbridge Group that advises international companies.

Tony speaks and writes about many aspects of sustainability and is the author of several books, including the award winning “Parrots of the World”, “Spix’s Macaw” and “How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change A Planet?”. He was a co-author of Harmony, with HRH The Prince of Wales and Ian Skelly, and his multi-award winning best-seller “What has Nature ever done for us?” was published in January 2013 and nominated for Polemic of the Year at the Political Book Awards 2014.

For more than 25 years he has worked for change towards a more sustainable society at local, national and international levels. From providing ecology and conservation experiences for primary school children, to making the case for new recycling laws, to orchestrating international campaigns for action on rainforests and climate change, his work has sought change at many levels.

He began his career as an ornithologist, working with Birdlife International. From 1990 he worked at Friends of the Earth and was the organisation’s executive director from 2003-2008 and Vice Chair of Friends of the Earth International from 2000-2008. Juniper was the first recipient of the Charles and Miriam Rothschild medal (2009) and was awarded honorary Doctor of Science degrees from the Universities of Bristol and Plymouth (2013).

Tony speaks on how having good environmental policy makes sense for businesses in the short and long term – from our soil supply and fish numbers, to the cost of living and the value of nature to the economy. Backed up by the data, Tony firmly believes we can do things more cheap, in a way that make us more secure and drives economic growth.

His latest book, What Nature does for Britain, will be published in February 2015.

    Speaker Tony Juniper Keynote Topics

    • Natural capital and the economics of nature
    • Sustainability
    • Ecology and conservation
    • Biodiversity
    • Deforestation
    • The countryside
    • Environmental policy
    • Climate change
    • Campaigning
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