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EDI Advocate: Crafting Diverse and Inclusive Futures

Scarlett Allen-Horton

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Unlock excellence in leadership with Scarlett Allen-Horton, founder of Harper Fox Partners, a seven-figure enterprise.

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Transform your event with Scarlett Allen-Horton, a powerhouse keynote speaker. Elevate your team's success through her dynamic insights, honed from BBC Apprentice, entrepreneurship, and global leadership. Engage, inspire, and drive results with Scarlett's proven strategies for excellence.

Why you should book Scarlett Allen-Horton for your next event

  • Unlock Diversity Excellence: Scarlett’s keynotes empower teams, fostering innovation and inclusivity for lasting success.
  • BBC Apprentice Insight: Gain strategic leadership tools for business growth with Scarlett’s proven entrepreneurial expertise.
  • EDI Ambassador: Scarlett’s impactful role in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion enhances corporate culture and drives meaningful change.

Scarlett Allen-Horton, a prominent figure in the world of recruitment and entrepreneurship, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the stage as a sought-after keynote speaker. With over a decade in global executive search and leadership assessment analysis, Scarlett has honed her skills, earning recognition as a BBC Apprentice Finalist and the founder of the award-winning firm, Harper Fox Partners.

Scarlett’s journey is marked by notable achievements, having successfully scaled her fully retained search business from a zero starting point to a seven-figure enterprise. As a business partner to Lord Sugar and RFC board advisor, she offers unique insights into leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategic decision-making.

In the realm of diversity and inclusion, Scarlett is a dedicated advocate, serving as an EDI ambassador and advisor to the Recruitment Employment Confederation UK. Her impact extends to voluntary initiatives, where she contributes as a board committee advisor to the UK Black Business Show and as a judge for the REC Awards and Black Talent Awards.

As a keynote speaker, Scarlett captivates audiences with her dynamic presentations, drawing from her vast experience and accomplishments. Her talks cover a spectrum of topics, including recruitment, STEM, and equality, diversity, and inclusion. Scarlett’s keynotes are designed to inspire, educate, and drive actionable change within organizations.

Booking Scarlett Allen-Horton for your event ensures an engaging and transformative experience. Her persuasive language, coupled with a compelling narrative of achievements, creates a unique value proposition for audiences seeking to elevate their teams and foster innovation. Scarlett’s commitment to purpose, passion, and profit, combined with her award-winning expertise, makes her an invaluable asset for organizations striving for excellence. For an unforgettable keynote experience, book Scarlett Allen-Horton today and witness the impactful transformation she brings to every stage.

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Keynote by speaker Scarlett Allen-Horton

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Shattering the Status Quo: The Power of Breaking Boundaries
  • Fearless Disruption: Embracing Positive Change
  • Unleashing Innovation: The Key to Success
  • From Underrepresented to Unstoppable
Keynote by speaker Scarlett Allen-Horton


  • From Vision to Victory: Creating an Impactful Multi-Award Winning Business
  • The Three P’s of Business: Purpose, Passion, Profit
  • From Start-Up to Success: Scaling Your Business and Securing Investment
  • Inspiring Greatness: Intrepreneurship in the workplace
Keynote by speaker Scarlett Allen-Horton

Women in Business / STEM

  • The Power of She: Empowering Women to Thrive in Business
  • Innovating Inclusion: Women Transforming STEM
  • Born to be Bold: Encouraging Women to Embrace their Entrepreneurial Potential
  • She Believed She Could so She Did
Keynote by speaker Scarlett Allen-Horton

Overcoming Adversity

  • Your Past Can Never be Bigger Than Your Future
  • The Power of Authenticity and Owning Your Truth
  • On the Other Side of Perfection is Freedom
  • Thriving Beyond Trauma: Domestic Abuse Advocacy
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See keynotes with Scarlett Allen-Horton
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