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Daniel Wagner

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CEO of Country Risk Solutions

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Keynote speaker Daniel Wagner is a frequent speaker on current affairs and risk management at conferences, seminars, and universities around the world. Drawing on his three decades of experience in the private and public sectors, he has worked for AIG, GE, the Asian Development Bank and World Bank Group assessing cross-border risk, and has been a trusted adviser to a broad range of organizations.

Daniel Wagner is the founder and CEO of Country Risk Solutions and a widely published author on current affairs and risk management.

Daniel began his career at AIG in New York and subsequently became a Guarantee Officer for the Asia Region at the World Bank Group’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency in Washington, D.C. After then serving as Regional Manager for Political Risks for Southeast Asia and Greater China for AIG in Singapore, he moved to Manila, where he had several roles at the Asian Development Bank’s Office of Co-financing Operations, including as senior guarantee officer. Daniel then became Senior Vice President of Country Risk at GE Energy Financial Services prior to forming CRS.

Daniel has published more than 600 articles on current affairs and risk management and is a regular contributor to the South China Morning Post, Sunday Guardian, and The National Interest, among many others. He is also the author of six books: China Vision, AI Supremacy, Virtual Terror, Global Risk Agility and Decision-Making, Managing Country Risk, and Political Risk Insurance Guide.

Daniel holds master’s degrees in International Relations from the University of Chicago and in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird) in Phoenix. He received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Richmond College in London.

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Keynote by speaker Daniel Wagner

China's crusade to create a world in its own image

Speaker Daniel Wagner discusses his latest book- China Vision- exploring ideas around China

  • China’s approach of foreign policy and it’s impact on other countries around the world
  • What the rest of the world could expect from China once it becomes the world’s largest economy, strongest political power and continues to develop already advanced technological prowess

    Keynote by Speaker Daniel Wagner

    The Rise of Virtual Terrorism: 21st Century Cyber Warfare

    Target audience: General, business and universities

    • Wagner takes us on a comprehensive tour of the Virtual Terrorism landscape — from cybercrime and bioterrorism to drones and artificial intelligence — to reveal the chilling reality that confronts us all.


    Keynote by Speaker Daniel Wagner

    Achieving Global Risk Agility

    Target audience: Businesses and universities

    • Wagner sheds new light on the often-complex discipline of risk management. Participants will learn how risk management is being transformed from a business prevention function to a values-based framework for thriving in increasingly perilous times.


    Keynote by Speaker Daniel Wagner

    AI Supremacy

    The race for AI supremacy is about more than establishing a competitive position in the global marketplace for innovative applications and technological prowess – it is about anticipation, adopting the right mindset, and having the right resources, a futuristic orientation, and the ability to execute. While few organizations and governments have achieved the right mix to lead in the race for AI supremacy, those that have already possess a substantial lead. Those that have not are simply falling further and further behind.

    • Can those that are not already in the race, get in the race with any realistic hope of catching up?
    • Can those who are already in the race ever catch up with the leaders?
    • Who will win in the end?
    • Should AI be feared or embraced?

Interview with Daniel Wagner

Why is it important for people to better understand the threat that cyber terrorism  represents, and why should we be worried about it?
The nature of terrorism has changed. It is not longer simply a group wanting to promote its political objectives and blowing something up. Today, it is about stealing information, interfering in people’s lives, and creating a climate of fear. Terrorism is now also generated online, in a lawless world where there are no boundaries. That is why it is everyone’s problem, and why we should be worried about it.

You’re an expert in achieving global risk agility for businesses, do the same ideas ever apply to risk taking in everyday life?
Risk agility is all about anticipating risks – both seen and unseen – and crafting an approach to addressing risk in a proactive, deliberate, consistent, and sustainable manner. Such an approach translates into our personal lives, especially when you consider that such phenomena as climate change, cyber risk, and terrorism loom in the background and impact all of us, whether we realize it or not.

What is political risk insurance, and how can it make conducting business internationally less risky?
PRI is all about removing non-commercial risk from commercial transactions by transferring such risk to insurers. Examples includes the risks of expropriation, currency convertibility, political violence, and breach of contract. Most businesses do not realize that such insurance is available for trade, investment and lending transactions all over the world. Taking out PRI makes capital acquisition less costly and more readily available, as well as making the risks of doing business globally significantly lower.

What makes your keynote presentations unique?
With three decades of experience in the private and public sectors, I not only have a wealth of experience to share, but a lot of stories to tell. Audiences have told me they particularly enjoy those stories. My presentation style is relaxed and engaging, in no small part due to how interesting the topics I speak about are. Whether it is cyber risk, country risk, or achieving risk agility, I drive home their applicability in today’s world.

Do you have a favorite speaking engagement that stands out from your career?
I have traveled all over the world and made presentations in dozens of countries. The most noteworthy presentations have tended to be in some of the more exotic locations I have visited. Among the most interesting and memorable was when I spoke to a group of tribal chiefs in Papua New Guinea. I have had the great privilege of having met some fascinating people in my career, and I always enjoy presenting to unique groups of people in unusual places.

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