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Lizzie Carr MBE

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Elevate your event with Lizzie Carr, MBE, the world's leading voice against plastic pollution.

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Unlock the transformative power of Lizzie Carr, MBE, a beacon of inspiration and expertise in environmental activism. With a captivating narrative and unparalleled insights, Lizzie empowers audiences to drive meaningful change towards sustainability goals. Book her now to elevate your event and ignite lasting impact.

Why you should book Lizzie Carr MBE for your next event

  • Expert Guidance on Environmental Advocacy: Lizzie offers expert guidance on environmental advocacy, providing invaluable insights and strategies to inspire action and drive positive change.
  • Practical Solutions for Plastic Pollution: With Lizzie, audiences receive practical solutions for addressing plastic pollution, empowering them to make tangible contributions towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.
  • Global Recognition for Environmental Contributions: Lizzie’s environmental contributions have garnered global recognition, making her a respected leader in the fight against environmental challenges and an inspiring role model for others to follow.

Lizzie Carr, Keynote Speaker, is a pioneering force in environmental activism, renowned for her relentless dedication to combating plastic pollution and fostering sustainable change. Following a cancer diagnosis at 26, Carr embarked on a transformative journey, turning to paddle boarding as a means of recovery. This decision not only aided her physical and emotional well-being but also ignited a fervent passion for environmental advocacy.

As the first person in history to solo paddle board the length of England’s waterways, Carr plotted over 20,000 examples of plastic waste, laying the foundation for her one-woman environmental crusade. Her groundbreaking expeditions include solo crossings of the English Channel and New York’s Hudson River, each serving as a platform to raise awareness about the pervasive issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Carr’s remarkable achievements have garnered global recognition, earning her accolades such as the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for her outstanding contribution to environmental work and activism. She has been hailed as one of the Top 10 Female Climate Activists by prominent magazines and received Stylist’s ‘Inspiration Of The Year’ award at the Remarkable Women Awards.

In addition to her pioneering feats, Carr is the Founder and CEO of Planet Patrol, a non-profit movement and crowd-sourcing app dedicated to tackling plastic pollution in freshwater environments. With almost half a million pieces of litter recorded across 113 countries, Planet Patrol embodies Carr’s commitment to harnessing community action and disruptive technology for environmental conservation.

As a Keynote Speaker, Lizzie Carr offers invaluable insights and practical solutions for organizations seeking to drive sustainable change. Her inspiring story of endurance, survival, and determination resonates with audiences worldwide, motivating them to take actionable steps towards a cleaner, healthier planet. Booking Lizzie Carr ensures an enlightening and impactful experience, empowering audiences to become catalysts for positive environmental change.

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Keynotes from Lizzie Carr

Lizzie is an in-demand keynote-speaker, often asked to share her own powerful & inspiring story, of how she launched an environmental revolution and runs a successful non-profit.

Lizzie also offers bespoke talks covering:

  • Adversity To Action
  • Building Mental Resilience
  • Cancer At 26: A Survivors Guide
  • Citizen Based Science Research & The Future Of Activism
  • Living Sustainably & Raising Children To Have An Inherently Sustainable Mindset
  • Her Founder Experience
  • Perfectionism in Activism
  • How To Be A Motivating Leader
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See keynotes with Lizzie Carr MBE
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