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Josh Valman

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Ignite success with Josh Valman, a renowned engineer. Unleash manufacturing innovation for unparalleled prowess.

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Transform your event with Josh Valman's keynote—unleash innovation, elevate strategy, and revolutionize manufacturing success. Engage your audience with a visionary speaker, offering unparalleled insights and a proven track record. Elevate your organization's potential—book Josh Valman for an unforgettable experience in strategic growth and operational excellence!

Why you should book Josh Valman for your next event

  • Unleash innovation: Josh Valman’s keynotes spark creativity, driving groundbreaking solutions for your organization’s challenges.
  • Operational excellence: Gain tools from Josh Valman’s expertise to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and maximize productivity.
  • Global impact: With a track record of success, Josh Valman brings tangible results to your organization’s manufacturing strategies and operational efficiency.

Josh Valman, a prodigious figure in engineering and innovation, embarked on his extraordinary journey at the tender age of 10. A trailblazer from the start, he honed his skills on the sets of BBC’s Robot Wars, progressing from Lego constructions to collaborating with factories in the UK and China by the age of 13. At just 15, he found himself collaborating with global businesses, steering their manufacturing strategies and engineering designs.

However, at 17, Josh faced an unexpected twist when he was fired—his age unbeknownst to those benefiting from his multi-million dollar production strategies. Undeterred, he founded RPD International, a company bridging the gap between ideas and mass production. Over 12 successful years, RPD International became a global force, culminating in its acquisition and transformation into RPDK within the Kinara International manufacturing group in 2023.

As a keynote speaker, Josh Valman brings a wealth of expertise to the stage, drawing from his vast experience in transforming concepts into tangible products. His keynotes are more than speeches; they are dynamic experiences that empower organizations to unlock innovation, streamline processes, and achieve unparalleled success in manufacturing. With a focus on the human and organizational aspects of challenges, Josh provides unique insights that transcend traditional engineering problem-solving.

Organizations seeking a transformative keynote speaker can book Josh Valman for an unparalleled experience. His ability to distill complex engineering concepts into actionable strategies, coupled with his track record of success, makes him a sought-after speaker for audiences ranging from startups to industry giants. Elevate your event, inspire your team, and revolutionize your approach to manufacturing—book Josh Valman for a keynote that transcends expectations.

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Keynote by speaker Josh Valman

Making Innovation Happen

Keynotes that focus on what ‘innovation’ actually means and how to make it happen. Detailed insight into how companies around the world develop and launch new ideas with deep actionable insights to take away and implement tomorrow. An interactive keynote that can work well with intimate groups or auditorium scale audiences.

Keynote by speaker Josh Valman

Sustainability in Manufacturing

Keynotes that tear apart what the world considers ‘sustainable’ and look at the real source of impact in businesses that manufacture products. Insights into where waste really occurs, how it’s managed and how it’s controlled. These talks challenge convention and often prompt teams to take reflection as well as take away actionable insights.

Keynote by speaker Josh Valman

Building Engineering Teams

Technical teams are hard. They’re hard to build, hard to manage and hard to retain. Having spent half of his life so far in the business of engineering teams, Josh speaks on the subject to managers and leaders across industries. A talk focussed on executional ideas to help develop the technical people within a team or an entire organisation.

Keynote by speaker Josh Valman

Talking Technical

Sometimes a conference isn’t the right medium. Josh is often booked for AGMs, Board Meetings and team ‘away-days’ to get into technical detail. Sometimes this involves bringing some executional know-how to idea sessions, sometimes it’s bringing outside perspective to a strategy day and sometimes it’s getting in deep on a technical subject.

Watch Josh Valman in action

Challenge convention | Josh Valman | TEDxTeen

See keynotes with Josh Valman
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